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    Aww, thanks Hanyou! ^^ It was cool talking with ya too!
    Wow, uh, thank you. ^^

    Yeah, well its like I said in one of my later posts; after learning more about some of those "Christian" religions I'm not quite sure that what I said at first was correct. However, because the thread isn't supposed to be about bashing other religions, I didn't go into detail. I have to agree with you though, about the Mormons.....

    So you're Christian too, huh? Cool, can't wait to see what you have to say on the subject. :D
    Yeah, you're right about the maturity part. :D Sure. I'm not on Skype too much myself. :p

    I was disappointed by TP, too. I've been through the fire for that one. ;)
    Thanks man! Don't worry- it's nothing more than an extra amount of stress and a strong case of the flu. :) I'll live. Mind if I add you to my friend list?

    Actually, I came here from ZU. The people there started spamming me, sending me viruses, etc. Just hate stuff. I decided to come here, and not get involved in the "serious/matures discussions", but the people here seemed to nice/mature for me to resist. ;)

    I'm glad to find someone mature to debate. ;)
    Yey you finally have some profile comments. D=

    Congrats on your purpleness hunni. :3 I know I've already said it on Skype, but I'm all kinds of proud of you for it.

    Love you. <3
    ZOMG....I see you! =D

    Oh snap, you need 100 characters to post on this....? That's a lot more than the 15 character LoZ limit. :lol:
    I've been doing pretty well lately.

    Sonic geek huh? I'm a huge fan of the original games as well (Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is probably my favorite). I thought Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 were okay, but the 3D titles have gone downhill since then.
    Thank you so much ^^ That means lots to me!

    A example of my dyslexia I think is.. sometimes I will spell it instead of is and many other words that are similar so I have to go back and correct them ><
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