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  • Oh, haha! :xd: You should make your other interests more evident then (if you're not enjoying it of course). :bleh:

    Well, I liked Beetlejuice and Big Fish. I just think most of the time he goes nuts with them, especially as of late. I hate his adaptations of children's stories, and I usually hate any movie (other than his animated ones) where he both writes AND directs. If he does one, it's fine. I always say "He's good in moderation." :P
    Oh, awesome! I don't have as much stuff from it as I'd like, but aw well. Oh crap, that's amazing. :)

    No, I love The Nightmare Before Christmas. It's an awesome movie, and by far Tim Burton's best IMO. (I actually sort of hate Burton outside of his animated films.)
    I couldn't help but notice you're a female and your name is Hannah. Are you by any chance from The Technodrome Forums?
    Great! then how does it feel to be such a special person? and how do you celebrate your specialness?
    Hey Hannah! Join the club I mentioned and add me as a freind!!
    btw its awesome that there are girls who listen to punk! Where I live all girls listen to pop. Blech.
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