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    Sign of the Stars

    So you have, my apologies.
  2. Hakumen

    Sign of the Stars

    Have you closed yet?
  3. Hakumen

    New Majora's Party SU

    Name: Hircine Gender: male Age:23 Race:Zora Appearance: 6'2", shirtless (he wears pants and boots)he wears a giant boar head with big tusks and deer antlers, physically fit Personality: somwhat calm, mild-mannered, and loyal. Somtimes easily irritated Curse: randomly transforms into a wild...
  4. Hakumen

    Majora's Party RP

    The quicker the better, I suggest.
  5. Hakumen

    The Time Warriors RP

    ((Likewise. I will be gone until tomorrow. So see sou guys then.))
  6. Hakumen

    The Time Warriors RP

    ((I appreciate being invited into this RP by DL and would love being a villian, even if it is to just to delve deeper into the story myself. Well just let me know what you guys decide.))
  7. Hakumen

    The Time Warriors RP

    ((That would be totes sweetles. :D ))
  8. Hakumen

    Best Advice You Ever Got

    "SMOKE METH! HAIL SATAN!" Best advice on how to get rid of JW, given to me by my younger bro.
  9. Hakumen

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    What is the difference between loving the idea of someone, and loving them. Wouldn't loving the idea of them be loving them themselves?
  10. Hakumen

    The Time Warriors RP

    ((I, sadly, agree with miserable, you guys need to get this up and running again. And IMO, which none have asked for, you need more vicious villians. Oh and I apologize for showing up without permission. Personally I liked reading this.))
  11. Hakumen

    Chronicles of Ancient Darkness: Dark Signs RP (Sign Ups)

    This seems like my type of RP, but I want to give the books a read first, before I jump in.
  12. Hakumen

    Land Above the Skies

    Ornstein stood at the entrance to the town watching the Captain return with his knights behind them. "Grab the liar and take him, lock him in a cell." "Yes sir." Said four of the knights as they apprehended him. "What is the meaning of this Captain?" he yelled "I don't take kindly to those...
  13. Hakumen

    Land Above the Skies

    "Alright men pull out!" he stated before they had dropped their torches on the ground, causing a fire.
  14. Hakumen

    Land Above the Skies

    "Ha! mere dogs think they can tell me what to do? Take everything down!" He chuckled "All hail the Captain!" The soldiers said charging foward "Burn everything down if you have to!"
  15. Hakumen

    Bound Together RP

    "What shall we do?"
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