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  • Why are you burning the shelf? Also, the Blue Link is in FSA in a subgame called "Navi Trackers". It is only in the Japanease version, but it is canon. Also, in the game you see Tetra and the Pirate Crew so it is somewere before or after PH.
    hi nice to meat you what is your top zelda game do you like rare zeldas like ZELDA GAME AND WATCH or
    No, I was just temporarly AFK. I have trouble sleeping so I would probably be awake most of the night. (My time.)
    Lol!!!!!!!! By the way, when replying to a visitor message, you are soposed to reply on the other person's page as a visitor message.
    hey welcome to zelda dungeon. I would just like to warn you to try to explain your point more because other wise people get really mad when people just say things without giving a good reason.
    Hai, welcome to zelda dungeon..Have fun and enjoy your stay. So, which game you playing recently?
    hello guy and welcome to the zelda dungeon forums. hope you have a good time but be sure to read the rules.
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