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  • You might be. Anyway, I had so many people to hurt, and You had the best reason. But hey, its just a game.
    I have an idea. What if Mako came with me to death mountain and you went with Killian to Zoras domain? You said Mako is weak so it will be great training for him.
    Its good. My birthday is next week, so I'm excited. Pigs do fly, I once saw one on a plane. And for the second one? Check H&H 5 for details.
    Hey, who made your running link? I've been wanting an animated siggy, but no one seems to be able to make one.
    Oh alright go post that your character is going to the bon fire please. So we can see who gets chosen.
    Hey I thought you were going to have me make your avatar I was just about to start it too...
    Hey, here's your avatar you requested!

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