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  • you're seeing Kamelot?! that's amazing!!!!!!

    I love Nightwish with Tarja and Tarja on her own, but Tarja's solo career has grown a lot on me lately, so I like her more doing her own thing now n.n
    I like almost of kinds of metal!! my favorite genres are symphonic, death (tought I hate when the music of some bands has no apparent coordination, it pisses me off), power, heavy....the only artist I have a complete devotion for is Tarja Turunen, (and Pink Floyd, But that's not metal :P), but it depends on my mood, sometimes I'm quiet and sometimes I just feel like breaking things :lol:
    Just check out my art thread once in a while, like now, I have a few thing's.
    And I'm still in High School, I have no idea what I'm studying. :lol:
    Thank you :) Yours is really nice to. Are you new at Zelda Dungeon I don't think I've seen you before.
    lol I think it really is just a triforce inside a triforce inside a triforce inside a triforce....and so on, made with that purpose :P
    Haha, cool. ^^

    I like umm....: acting, dancing, singing, kittehs, school, writing, science, my friends, adventures and well being random and having fun! xD you?
    We just met, why with all of these questions? ): lol, there goes my humor for the day.

    anyway's, I'm good, just got up from bed. How're you? =]
    My favourite games I enjoy playing are:
    Zelda, Final Fantasy, Fire Emblem, Mario, Sonic, Kirby, and Castlevania. Well, most of those games fall under those names. o.o
    I'm great thank you! I just started watching a new anime, it's a great one ^^
    Haha, well my friend is Malaysian, so he can read all the Chinese and Japanese pokemon news and translate some of it to me so I know more facts before my friends. Same, Pearl, my sister has Diamond though. I like all the old legendarys like Suicune, and Kyroge, but than again my favourite pokemon would be Crobat and Ambipom (cute)! <--- Really long explination -.-
    No problem. ^^

    And I am good thanks, I obviously enjoy Zelda games :) I have done Ph, ST, MC and I am working on TP, OoT and OoA. ^^ I also like Mario, Professor Layton and Pokemon games! You? :) :3

    If you're going to get Half Life, I would reccomend buying the second one. It has better graphics and is funner than the first. It's split into three episodes- 1, 2 and the soon to be released episode 3.
    Yeah, some of the new ones look slightly unusual... I probably wont be able to pronounce the new pokemons names properly, haha ^^ I'm buying it, I have a friend who is obsessed with pokemon and tells me all the pokemon news etc.
    So how are you?
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