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  • She bumped into him, ramming him hard in the shoulder, then darted around a tree to a game trail covered with branches and other fauna. She navigated it as carefully as she could, narrowly keeping up her speed.

    Kirinen snorted, grinning slyly for a moment. "You'd be surprised."

    ((...I was wondering

    GIRL'S NAME! haha >;D))
    "Cheezus can--" She looks back and sees him gaining. "

    "To be honest, Meli just does whatever. I truly have no idea whether she hates him, loves him, or both. I doubt she know either." Kirinen turned her gaze to Meli, who was apparently racing Shannon for no apparent reason. "Her mind is so... convoluted. I'll bet she's confused about his reaction to her sacrifice in the caverns for now. Only time will tell." She looked away, smiling softly. "I know how you feel about that..."

    ((I know how you feel about a lot of things, Lance Tolkien. waitwut?
    Meli is so dang CONFUSING. It's literally like I have her set to randomizer, save a few key aspects.))
    "GOOD!" she shouted back at him.

    "Over her dead body... yeah, probably." Kirinen laughed, slowing to stay next to him.

    "You're all so silly!" said Keriki cheerfully.

    ((...she's one to talk. lol.

    Sweet! Et's done then :D))

    That mostly involves me wanting to take Kira to the max... yeha.

    Yes? No? Eh?))
    "Cheese Jesus? If anybody but you is crazy enough to have started that, Wolfe, I'd be impressed." Meli shakes her head. "Are you coming or not?" She sudden;y turned and literally ranoff.

    "Meli! Wai--good God, she can be such a handful..." Kirinen followed her at a much slower rate, a hand already rising to her forehead.

    Keriki shrugs and follows, laughing. ((becasueIforgotaboutKerikigaaah))

    ((*glowers* Yeah. "Woo". So happy for this astounding record. [/bitingsarcasm]))
    yup, I have yarne and morgan now. Chrom and lucina are leveling up like crazy, and lon'qu is now a swordmaster, so he needs some leveling up, too. Right now, I am trying to get lucina married and get lon'qu married.
    Last night I stayed up reclassing chrom and lucina, and I got panne and vaike married and me and olivia married.
    Hey GS, not sure if you saw my apology in Last Survivors, but I'm really sorry for being the worst cofounder/coowner ever.)
    "Oh, right. Sorry, I forgot that you had friends. It seems so oxymoronic."

    "Yes, yes I do." Kirinen laughs softly, then steps away. "Anyways. We should get going now. Melica, do you remember the route you'd usually take to the desert?"

    Meli shrugged. "If we can bushwhack to a certain clearing, than yes. From that place, I can get halfway across the kingdom without getting lost. But we need to find it first."

    ((Me and "Yeha". And maybe it's because Shannon and Lance are the awesome-est in some regards[They're all so blindingly epic in their own ways wuagh].))
    "Why would I? He's always hanging around you." Melica bit back.

    Kirinen looked down. Her heart wanted to live, but her mind knew she wouldn't make it to the cure. She didn't have long. And yet... for Lance, she would act with her heart. For everyone else, she would act with her heart. For herself... she had to act with her mind.

    Kirinen looked back up at Lance, resolved in this for now. She put on a passable smile. "You mean we will get that cure. You don't have to carry the world by yourself, Lance."

    ((...and just like that, I write Kirinen a theme song. BOOM. It just came into my mind and sounds so sad and beautiful on ocarina))
    I only have two S support pairs, chrom and sumia and lissa and frederick. My most powerful pair is chrom and me, and usually they are practically invincible. That is how I beat the first chapter I was stuck on. Chrom and me have support level A, me and kellam have support level A, Panne and vaike have support level A, and me and Olivia have support level C. The people I always deploy are me (level 20 grandmaster), chrom(level 20 lord), vaike(level 11 fighter), virion(level 6 archer), Panne(level 29 Taguel), lissa(level 4 cleric), frederick(level 19 great knight), lucina(level 13 lord), say'ri(level 14 swordmaster), Owain(level 10 myrmidion), henry(level 20 dark mage), Libra(level 4 war monk), and Lon'qu(level 20 myrmidion).

    What do you recommend?
    Yeah Miriel always dies for me. I have another question. Now I am stuck on chapter 22, an ill presage. I just cannot seem to even get halfway without all of my people dying. those risen are tough. Any helpful tips?
    Also, I agree that virion is the most useless, but tharja is also extremely useless to me. The only mage that I actually use is henry.
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