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    I can't think why abortion is murder since it's performed within 16 weeks of pregnancy when the foetus is barely developed. Responses such as kicking comes much later. If that's murder, eating eggs is also murder. It is solely the decision of the parents especially the woman because she is...
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    Do you sometimes play the videos in your mother tongue in 2x speed?

    Why not if it's sometimes a youtuber just speaking?
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    Which Anime Are You Currently Watching?

    Ijiranaide Nagatoro san!!
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    Emote Suggestion Thread

    I second this. :sus: kid amogus :S.P
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    Do You Ride a Bicycle?

    I like riding bicycles a lot but unfortunately it was lost last year and i haven't since then
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    Do you have a favourite mangaka?

    Mine is Junji Itou
  8. Ban

    Which Manga Are You Currently Reading?

    Just bought Uzumaki physical copy. Rereading it
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    Which Anime Are You Currently Watching?

    I'm watching HunterxHunter. Demon Slayer Mugen train just got released here so I went for that to theater yesterday
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    Artists you like as a meme

    Filthy Frank aka Joji
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    Rate The Last TV Series That You Watched

    True Beauty -7.5/10
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    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

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    China limiting videogaming hours for kids. Do you really care?

    They're preparing their human resource well. We must learn from them
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    What's your preferred web browser?

    Where's Tor
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    How emotional is Link

    I prefer the Link with less emotions. For example, if the character has a pre recorded emotion, we see it and we imbue the emotions in us whereas if there's less emotion, we conjure emotions of our own
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