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    So, how did you celebrate?

    So, how did you celebrate?
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    Belated Happy Birthday bud! :party:

    Belated Happy Birthday bud! :party:
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    Thoughts on emulation?

    My answer is that I would try to support the company as much as possible. But like the others said, if it was unavailable, then I would use retroarch emulators. If it was available but really costly, I might consider the possibility. Eg BotW. If it was affordable, then I'd never eg. Among Us...
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    What will history books from 2100 say about us?

    There would be a section called "Humanity and Hope" Which contains chapters about natural and man made disaster such as H1N1, 2011 Tsunami, Covid 19 pandemic and how we coped with them. We would have initially messed up very badly and would have learned from our mistakes. For eg: building of...
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    Game Thread Cryptid Mafia

    Unvote Vote:Mido
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    Game Thread Cryptid Mafia

    If I say I liked Sword Art Online would you scum read me? Jk Yes, God fathers often claim vanilla. But I doubt that they'd do it so early bcuz if players think there's a gf among us, the players who claimed vt would be under the most scrutiny.
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    Game Thread Cryptid Mafia

    I don't really like the fact that people susing SMS for claiming vanilla. If vanilla are cleared out of suspicion on day, even if they are killed at night, it's not like we're losing an important role. So if anything, a vanilla claiming at the early phase is a town read imo. However +1 for...
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    Game Thread Cryptid Mafia

    Whoa! Is that possible!? Even if your statements are NAI , What if some straight up asks questions like. "Did you kill him last night?"
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    Game Thread Cryptid Mafia

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    What Made You Happy Today?

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    Sign Ups Cryptid Mafia

    *Nod nod*
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    Halloween 2020 Avatar & Signature Competition - Voting Round

    I vote for Az. Will Emma save the kids?! :eek::eek::eyes::eyes:
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    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    Was lit!!
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    Do You Wear A Watch?

    I wear watch only if I go to the pool or to play cricket.
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