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  • Not particularly at this moment, but as far as life in general? Just chugging along, working, doing schoolwork, I haven't been particularly active on ZD recently, nor have I been doing much video gaming recently. I have been talking to a girl recently, I've known her for about a year but recently have I noticed that she's actually worth noticing, and that I was stupid not to notice it sooner. I'm like 100% sure she likes me so we've been talking, I'll be seeing her this friday. I'm pretty excited about that.

    What about you?
    Hey! How you doin? Haven't talked in awhile, I jumped on in time to see you leave today, :( but hopefully I catch you on soon! I haven't been on in awhile myself, but hope to change that moving forward here. Anyhoo, talk to you soon! :D
    They have not been send yet. You'll see it when you get a private message. But the cards are not send yet. The administrators are doing this and so far I know they haven't been on yet
    Basically, I liked the idea in a sense, but not if the new transportation required you to obtain it first before being able to move on. That would destroy the open-world like game play that LoZ has always been.
    Yes, and no. Depending on what you really mean by it, you were quite vague in your description.
    Now how to do the float tag right? Well you already know about the /me part how it works. Suppose you wanna say Ghirahim loves Ghirahimiscool madly. Now you start with typing /me madly. Then you follow by writing the Ghirahim loves part between the float=left /float tags. the same as you do with the
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