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  • I write poetry frequently

    I'm not a fan fic person unless you plan on making a series and this is the start of the series then I say go for it.
    mine is TP(lakebed temple) MM(greatbay temple) and OoT(gerudo fortress and spirit temple)
    favorite mask is the gibdo mask(i LOVE watching those redeads dance instead of raping link :) )
    and my wish is WORLD DOMINATION mwhahahaha!!
    Welcome to ZD don’t forget to read the rules.

    Your Fav LoZ game/games, Fav BGM/BGMs, and Dungeon in those games?, Fav MM mask?, and your Triforce wish?

    Mine are OoT (Gerudo Valley) MM(Stone Tower and Deku Palace) TP(Hidden Skill, Hyrule Field, Hidden Village) AlttP(Sanctuary and Hyrule Castle)
    Stone Mask love killing Takkuri for money.
    World Peace(like no wars peace.)
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