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  • WOW! thanks Boo, that Bulbasaur birthday cake looks delicious!
    Thanks man, finally someone gets me:kawaii:. *pats shoulder* don't worry, I'm sure they will make another original Megaman game some day^^. True so true:nod:.

    Really so what do you do in Animal crossing:??

    Ok I click the link:yes:;)
    Thank you for understanding. You're welcome. It's cool and yeah, spoilers are the WORST. Thats cool, if you want to play as Marth for real, than play fire emblem shadow dragon. I also like Ike too. With Ike play fire emblem path of radiance and radiant dawn. Well with Sticker Star it doesn't follow the traditional paper mario formula, the leveling system is gone, party system is gone, and the badges are gone and replace with........ Stickers-.-. I mean if you gonna replace the badges with Stickers at least let the Stickers work like the badges. I swear paper mario went downhill when they made super paper mario. I mean really, if it ain't broke don't fix it! And you want to know my favorite super mario game is? super mario world because it not like a cliche from the other mario games, I mean really, do you remember super mario bros 1 through 3 and how they keep using the same thing from the later games and I'm so sick and tired of the same old Bowser fights! You know, mario run pass Bowser, jump on a switch and watch Bowser fall to his doom. At least in super mario world there was a challenge and strategy of how to defeat him. And what make paper mario and other mario rpgs unique is that Bowser is not always the main villain and some times he join your group. And I hate that Sticker Star going back to Bowser being the main villain, and the sad thing is I was one of the people who couldn't wait to get their hands on paper mario 3DS when it was first announce, so as you can see I'm very disappointed:silent: I let the reviewers do the talking of why I dislike this game.[video=youtube;1DiQ7h8EStU]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DiQ7h8EStU[/video][video=youtube;URfpJwUljd4]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URfpJwUljd4&feature=related[/video][video=youtube;dQ1vWRYfTLc]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQ1vWRYfTLc&feature=related[/video].

    Yeah KI:U is a good game, see I know you get it:lol:. I never played Animal Crossing before=\.
    Hey Boo:wave:, well it looks nice and all but I'm not planning on getting it until the new the legend of zelda wii u comes out. I'll be honest with you I kind of don't like that you have to pay 50 more dollars just to get a deluxe version[video=youtube;yxQiYvkSmS0]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxQiYvkSmS0&feature=related[/video] and you don't even get a game, just a system with the standard version so unfair:dry:. Thats great I hope you get one. yep all great 3DS titles:D, except paper mario sticker star:mad:. Don't worry over time you own a lot more.

    I'm sorry about that, I gotta learn to keep my big mouth shut:sweat:. Wow Congratulations!:party::party::party::clap::clap::clap:. Well I don't know, Light vs Dark:lol:

    Thank you^^, I'm celebration Fire Emblem: Awakening by putting Fire Emblem lords on my background and avatar each month and also Marth is one of my favorite lords:yes::yes::cool:
    Hey Boo! c:

    LOL you're fine. I got into a new school and everything has been... extreme XD

    Sounds great! Oh, and I hope you figure out FF soon! I would help you... but I don't have an FF... DX
    Hey Boo:wave:, thanks for checking up on me. Thats great:yes: ..........:facepalm: I didnt even look at the whole series, I only seen a little bit, why did you have to spoil it for me:dry:. I like all 3 so far
    Cool, link me to it when you have a chapter posted :3

    Yes, I am Christian and I'm homeschooled c: glad to know I'm not alone XD I want to get into a private school though. Just so I can maybe make some friends *shrug*
    Oh thanks God! Never ever. ever. ever. ever. Read my forbidden love story. Ever... EVER. Fire Emblem story, though, you can read... speaking of... I need to write the next chapter of that. My character 'Vincent' distracted me. I wrote his backstory. It's... pretty good, I guess XD

    Anyways, I haven't played anything Mega-Man related but I'm sure it's an awesome story! I love reading the works of my friends c:
    Oh goodness, please don't tell you you read my 'Silvaze Forbidden Love' story... that sequel was so forced DX... I have so many 'fans' that want me to finish it... but it's dead. Just dead. XD

    Anyways, yeah, my favorite is Silver c: I dunno why. He's become my main nickname as well. If I'm not Go Skyward I'm Silver XD I like Tails too, but with his new voice actor I think he got slightly less annoying than in recent years...

    You're working on a fanfic? Cool! What's it about? If you ever decide to post it online I'd love to read it c:
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