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  • Nope, not the demo, the full game. ;) It's gonna be sweet! If it was the demo, I could use my 4GB Flash Drive, but the SS (the full version)'s file size is a little more than a 4 GB, meaning it won't fit on that flash drive...
    Honestly, I don't know really. I guess just being random and watching a Bruce Lee movie to be the manliest of the manly men group by CSD. Oh, and the demo for SS? Haha, that would be amusing to do. Only 3 days to go!
    Nothing much, Ruby Link is coming over tomorrow, we're gonna go out and buy an 8GB Flash Drive, and then use The Homebrew Channel and USB Loader GX to play Skyward Sword!!! :xd:

    Wasup with you?
    Heyy! Sorry for the one day late reply, but I've been busy this past week. This past week's been just too crazy for me. I can't even describe how bad it's gotten for me.

    Anyway, that's really all's that's going for me over here. How about you?
    It's nothing. I guess I was just inactive for such a long period of time that it just felt like things changed. It happens... :yes:

    Also, a lot of people have become Hylian Knights and/or staff in my absence.
    Haha, well, I have the demo, and I'm currently converting the full game's torrent file into .rar files... It's taking a while, hopefully it's done by the time I get home from school...
    Being the stalker I am ;) I couldn't help but notice how you creeped on zeldahuman's conversation with The Minish! stay strong and wait for the physical release of Skyward Sword!
    I've noticed they've been quite biased recently.

    They gave Twilight Princess an 8.8 and 8.9 for Wii and GCN, respectively, Phantom Hourglass a 9.0, Spirit Tracks an 8.5, and now Skyward Sword a 7.5.
    Come back Sunday to take a peek or maybe I'll budge and update on Friday since one region of the world will have SS by then.
    Yes, it has been awhile since we've conversed. Trust me, a massive profile change for the darker will occur within the next few days.
    Yeah, but aside from that, I feel that some other things have changed...

    Also, and thanks for the encouragement. :yes:
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