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  • Haha xD That's true. I guess I do have to focus more on school rather than playing Skyward sword all day. Takes away the tempation I guess...
    Yeah, well my mom isn't that fair. I can't do anything about it until i'm 18. then I can move out and do stuff. but otherwise, I'm gonna have to wait it out. :(
    Crazy as in a bad way. The week was just terrible. I had an interview to try to become a lifeguard for a local community center's pool. I prepared and felt prepared for the interview. But when the interview came, I think I did pretty bad. Adding on to that, the moment I get home, my mom yells at me blahblahblah and takes away my Wii, ultimately separating me from Skyward Sword. It's not thaaat big of a deal, but I'm more concerned about her grounding me for something so small. Heck, to this moment I'm not too sure what I did wrong.

    And a billion other things (or so it seems) went on this week that I'm just too tired to say. That's what made my whole week crazy.
    Finished it. Wrapping up some of the side quests and then heading into the realm of hero mode.
    Yeah, I was considering not buying Skyward Sword on release date. I have enough money and all, but I don't think I want to purchase it until Thanksgiving. | You found out late about your phone? Wow, that is tragic.
    Nah, not particularly. There was just an odd feeling when I returned from such a long absence - over 2 months. You know that feeling you get when it seems like a lot has changed in your absence? It is only an illusion thing, or something. I'm over it now, though. lol :yes:
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