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    Who will win the most serious political war of our era?

    PlayStation 4. It sold almost as many units during Black Friday as the Xbox One has sold since its release. Wii U isn't even in the race.
  2. Ganondork

    Official Suggestions Thread

    It's not like Z-Talk has been relevant for the last year or so. Seriously, it's just emotes. ZD is never going to expand to Doctor Who, so why would we have over a dozen emotes dedicated to it? I wouldn't care if :buttmoney: was removed right now. Very few of these emotes get any use outside...
  3. Ganondork

    What is Your Mood at the Moment?

    Haven't been this happy in a very long time
  4. Ganondork

    Apple Cider

    Does hard cider count? Angry Orchard is my jam. Nice and cold
  5. Ganondork

    Video Game Quotes

    "All that is good in me, began with you, father." Darim Ibn-La'Ahad tfw
  6. Ganondork

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    tfw Curm shows you up and makes you feel like a skrublord
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    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Jack Frost has never been something for people to believe in. He is the result of giving a phenomenon (cold weather, in this case) human-like qualities. This is a literary (rhetorical) device known as personification. Rise of the Guardians took it a step further and imagined Jack Frost as an...
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    What's a Culture You'd Like to Know More About?

    Before I get into anything, keep in mind that Allah is Arabic for, "The God." Therefore, if you see, "God," ever mentioned, assume I am referring to Allah. As a Jew, I'm not allowed to use my god's name, so I refer to him as Adonai. Well, Islam is certainly a religion of peace. People love to...
  9. Ganondork

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Tomorrow's showtime. Time to shine.
  10. Ganondork

    Anime Yourself

    The lack of a kippot in the hat section ruined my immersion
  11. Ganondork

    I Am Psychic

    There are 2.18 billion Christians, 1.6 billion Muslims, and 15 million Jews. So that comes out to almost four billion. Still a pretty large population, though Buddhism and Hinduism take up another huge chunk of the population. Do keep in mind that Buddhism is nontheistic, as well as a handful of...
  12. Ganondork

    Mormon AMA/Discussion

    I'd like to point something out here. In many religions, it's entirely possible to come to your own conclusions in a lot of religions and philosophy. It's a very Western idea that you can only practice a single religion, and that religion only. In Eastern religion, we see how differing ideas can...
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    General Zelda Who else Likes Toon Link More Than Adult Link?

    No one has a problem with you liking Toon Link, and that's the point. Your preference is subjective. He takes issue with people treating it as objective, which to my knowledge you don't do. So there is nothing to, "Deal with."
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    General Zelda Who else Likes Toon Link More Than Adult Link?

    I don't think you read anything I just said
  15. Ganondork

    General Zelda Who else Likes Toon Link More Than Adult Link?

    He has a problem with it because something like this is subjective. You liking Toon Link is fine, which he actually said, as evidenced here: He explicitly said he takes issue with when people act like Toon Link being the best is objective.
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