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  • Not a prob. Sorry for my late reply to yours XD Anywho, I will be updating my Zelda site with this timeline as well as an article to examine the errors of the official one. I don't except a huge community, but I do hope to get some people to think and accept it. I figure some people upset with the official one are looking for something to believe in. Have you seen my site?
    Essentially, my timeline still stands as

    I still feel the first 2 Zelda games should not come after ALTTP. But that's my opinion. Others would have them after it.
    I have two issues. 1: the downfall timeline, and 2: the placement of fs. I can believe tmc before oot, mainly due to oot having a civil war prior to the game. A civil war would imply in-fighting within a formerly unified nation, ie. Tmc Hyrule. But fs is a DIRECT prequel to fsa. The fact that when you click on the sword in the beginning of fsa and it states "you know what will happen if you draw this sword" states that Link has had prior experience with it. As for fsa, i think it is fine where it is, just put fs before it.
    And then there's the failure timeline, which would do BEAUTIFULLY after fsa. It makes only sense. Geography, history, inventory, all leads well into the Imprisoning war and later alttp... Nintendo missed a golden opportunity, so to speak.
    Heya buddy! Been a while! Sorry I haven't been on. No internet at my house. Anywho, I'm sure you saw the horribly flawed "official" timeline, right? I've been steaming about it since I saw it. So many flaws, so many errors... I've been overviewing as much as I can on it, and tying it facts they overlooked. There is absolutely no need for a "if the hero of time fails" branch. that is just stupid... Anyways, what are your thoughts on it?
    DM may have added you, and may know you're a real member, but I still gotta double check.
    Most of all I'm looking forward to exploring The Sky on my Loftwing, I think that will be extraordinary!
    I'm doing very well. ^_^ I'm looking forward to Skyward Sword very much now. Only 5 days remaining!
    I pretty much have all of my timeline set, I just need to think hard as per why my games are where they are in it, as well as where TMC Hyrule takes place.
    You and I seem to have some common points of view. It'd be interesting to discuss some of these one-on-one sometime :)
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