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  • Hi Gabe! Nice hearing from ya. :) Normally I would have answered you a lot sooner, but I was on vacation in Berlin with no internet access until now. Anyway, yeah, it would be awesome to play some MK7 again sometime, I'm just very busy in school this weekend and upcoming week. It'd be fun to play on Friday or the next weekend though. :D And maybe Alex could join us!
    'Hoi Gabe! Should we decide a time to play MK7?

    Since we live in different time zones it might be difficult (idk), but do have time to play in 7 hours from the time that this VM in sent? :? :D Otherwise we can just decide a new time. ;)
    I know! My friend Claire told me that Pitta(Peeta) dies of hunger at the end but Katniss (whatever forgot her parody name) brought him home as a mutant mutt. I laugh my a** of at that XD
    i read and watched many reviews and saw lots of cool things in it.
    UGGGGH! YOU ARE SO LUCKY! I really wanted to read The Hunger Pains. My friend told me it was really funny!
    Oh mah god! AMAZING! Say which couple do you like better? Gale&Katniss or Peeta&Katniss, I like Gale&Katniss XD
    Holy hell yes! I live for the Hunger Games! I saw the Movie and I'm reading Mocking Jay right Now! <3 hehe
    Yeah, I'd get the full version but there's 3 reason why I will not buy full version:
    1. $7.00 is to much for an APP
    2. My GB on my iPod is almost full
    3. I waste my money on music XD
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