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    Ghirahim is so awesome! :yes:

    My second favorite character is Link. :)
    That's grand! :D I'm sure you'll find much more useful stuff here. But for now I need to sleep. It's getting late here in Sweden and I got school tomorrow.

    See you around! :wave:
    *points to username* ;)

    Is that a good hint to know my favorite character? :xd:
    IKR? I joined the site about one and a half year ago and I've been on almost every day. People here are so nice and the discussion threads are very useful and entertaining! :)
    Thats great to hear. Who is your favorite Zelda character? :triforce:
    Hello! I sent you a friend request. :wave:

    How are you liking Zelda Dungeon? :)
    Hello there FK! :wave: Welcome to Zelda Dungeon's Forum Community! I hope you'll have a grand time here. If you have any questions at all, fell free to contact me (or any other nice member here). :D

    So, how do you do? :)
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