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Fiery Klongo
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  • Thats ok. Well I guess its time you blew off all the dust on skype. Add me as a contact, I'm sauersauce19. Then I can add you to the group chat where we will discuss dates, times and even the playing of the game. So once that is established and we get a few more people we can begin the fun.
    You say your collecting Gratitude Crystals eh......why not join the one and only group I’ll ever make. It’s called the “Gratitude Crystal Collector’s” and is all about promoting happiness on these forums :D So far I myself have collected 70 Online Gratitude Crystals ^^ Join to start collecting (5 for each time you make a person happy on these forums) and I’m sure someone like you shouldn’t have trouble making them as you are “everyone’s best friend” :nod:
    Your welcome and thanks. Yes, I like the series Naruto, Kamichama Karin, Kamichama Karin Chu,and other animes.
    Sorry for the wait, here's the sig and avy, I couldn't fit the the text on the avy, it came out small when I was resizing it.. But need anything changed

    I found this background and thought it was perfect, I could change out the background if you need me too
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