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  • I agree, it really is a pity. Luckily both of my parents play instruments, so I can learn and play whenever I want to. Both piano and guitar are relatively easy instruments to learn, and out of those a guitar is way cheeper. So if you want to buy a rather cheep instrument which is easily learned, I'd recommend guitar, that was what I started with about six or seven years ago. :)
    Aha, so you play piano and keyboard-instruments? That's cool! :cool: I play some piano too, along with a couple of other instruments. :)
    Happy birthday, Ferretlover! :triforce: I hope you'll have a grand day!
    :D Well that's good to hear. Not so strange though, I can imagine you get used it.

    So tell me, what have you been up to lately?! :?
    Okay, so you play Skyward Sword with you left hand? How is that?
    Ahoy there Ferretlover! :wave: Welcome to the Zelda Dungeon Forum Community! And thanks a lot for joining my Koji Kondo group! :D I hope you'll have a grand time here at the forums! If you got any questions, feel free to ask me or any other nice member. :)
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