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    Theories of the Many Items in the Zelda Series

    Bombchus in TP look quite different to Terminan Bombchus, they are like little round bugs that go Kaboom, I think they are a different species.
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    The Irony Behind HH's Timeline

    Again, seriously? I don't want to sound rude, but HH came out months ago (and translations were available shortly thereafter), people complained, and then we all just kinda accepted it, but now a official English version with almost no changes comes out and people are disputing it again.
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    Some Questions for You Zelda Theory Savvy ZD Members

    Yes, there is a ToC on each timeline, when Link returned to the CT, the ToC went to him, as he was the bearer (as this made the triforce incomplete, the ToW and ToP went to Zelda and Ganon respectively, because they were the bearers on the other timeline, this suggests the Triforce has a sort of...
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    Hyrule's Hidden/Forgotten Geography

    Neat find! I have to check it later to see what I can find about that gorge, personally, I always assumed the Zora made business ferrying people up and down the river, we see the Zora tour guide effortlessly taking the boat up the river after the bomb arrow minigame, so I assumed they had this...
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    Theories of the Many Items in the Zelda Series

    If you can drop some physics, then a simple rolled up chain on the inside would explain it, obviously lifting Link that fast and without making him swing like a pendulum would be very hard in real life, but we can just ignore that
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    Beedle Throughout The Generations Theory

    Or, you know, just a recurring character
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    Link's Defeat (Split Timeline Theory)

    The sacred groove is the temple of time from OoT in ruins, when you enter the door you get sent back to when it was intact
  8. felipe970421

    Link's Defeat (Split Timeline Theory)

    I am talking about the door of time in the sacred groove, prior to entering the temple of time
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    Link's Defeat (Split Timeline Theory)

    The time travel theory to end all time travel theories (Le joke) Nope The timeline where Link gathers the stones is the same as the Adult Timeline, the difference is a 7-year-long stasis for Link, nothing else, no time travel involved there There is a interesting thing with time travel...
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    Connection Between Hyrule and Termina: Lost Woods and Fairies

    You are confused, those woods are completely unrelated to the ones we're talking about, we are talking about the woods in the intro Also, the lost woods are the only forest we know of, and they are Skull Kid's home, so we can assume it's the lost woods
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    Attempt to Be the Largest Thread in DGN History

  12. felipe970421

    Spoiler Who is Queen Rutela?

    Queen Rutela: A Zora queen, named Rutela, possibly related to Ruto, died in an attack by Zant, helped TP Link in his quest
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    Why Did the Zora Tribe Adapt into the Rito Tribe?

    That logic works both ways, why would they add sentience to an avian species? When that aquatic one already has it? it just needs some body modifications Bird -> Rito => Add sentience Zora -> Rito => Add wings Valoo is shown giving the Rito wings, not sentience, therefore, the Rito are the Zora
  14. felipe970421

    Why Did the Zora Tribe Adapt into the Rito Tribe?

    So, a whole species died out and then regular birds evolved into the Rito thanks to divine intervention Or, a species evolved into the Rito thanks to divine intervention Occam's razor says the second one, the first one assumes too much (namely, both assume evolution by divine intervention...
  15. felipe970421

    Theories of the Many Items in the Zelda Series

    Regarding the beetle, that's technology of the ancients robots isn't it? The robots see the beetle you got in the skyview temple, say it's an older model, and update it with a claw, the beetle is clearly the work of ancient technology, this technology was lost during the war with demise And...
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