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    Expectations on bosses

    You forgot the indestructible Flower Blight Ganon.
  2. Farore's Chosen

    Zelda 2 Misconceptions Debunked

    As for that, there's been you know cough cough other ways to play old titles for a long time. Not to mention, Nintendo ports their old games over alot. The grinding as mentioned, is pretty fast paced compared to full blown RPGs. Unless the player is deliberately running from most battles, there...
  3. Farore's Chosen

    I think the skullfish in Twilight Princess are actually hybrids.

    They eat soles. Get it? Because soles are fish. :wynaut::P
  4. Farore's Chosen

    What does a 4-6/10 mean to you?

    1-4 Hot garbage. 5-6 Has problems but might still have some entertainment value. Ultimately you can take it or leave it. 7-8-Some problems but otherwise great. 9-10 Pretty close to perfect.
  5. Farore's Chosen

    How likely to you think it is that Twilight Princess and Wind Waker HD will ever be ported to the Switch?

    I'd say there's always a strong possibility. But ya never know.
  6. Farore's Chosen

    Best kind of nuts?

    This topic is totally nuts! Pistachio and cashew are two of my favorites. I also like macadamia.
  7. Farore's Chosen

    Expectations on bosses

    Different then Ganon, Ganon, Ganon, Ganon and their cousin... Ganon.
  8. Farore's Chosen

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    Final Fantasy-Beat the kary and kraken in the temple of fiends past. My team is level 36. Replaying Metroid-Recently took down Kraid, got another energy tank I didn't even know was in his room, and headed back to Brinstar.
  9. Farore's Chosen

    Which Zelda game featured your favorite gimmick?

    I don't think any of the gimmicks are my favorite, though wall merging made for some very clever puzzle solutions in Worlds.
  10. Farore's Chosen

    Zelda 2 Misconceptions Debunked

    Zelda 2 didn't add anything to later games: That's one I've been hearing lately. That's bull too. Jumping- It was the first Zelda to add jumping. Not jumping with an item, not hopping off cliffs or over gaps. Just jumping whenever you want. Transformation: You think Past or Majora was the...
  11. Farore's Chosen

    Zelda 2 Misconceptions Debunked

    Zelda 2 is a bad game. It deviates from the Zelda formula and is the hardest game ever! Its bad and impossible cuz I say so. That's usually the kinda crap I hear when being told this is one of the worst Zeldas ever. Lets examine the criticisms against it shall we? It deviates from the Zelda...
  12. Farore's Chosen

    BotW2 Delayed to Spring 2023

    I figured as much. Plus we're getting several good games this year.
  13. Farore's Chosen

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    Twilight Princess
  14. Farore's Chosen

    How Zelda Used to Look

    Thank you for the memories. I would be thrilled to bits if we someday got 3D Zelda monsters that looked exactly like the old artwork.
  15. Farore's Chosen

    What Are You Doing In Zelda?

    I've decided I'm going to beat ALttP this year. I also discovered by finally looking up a walkthrough items I had no idea existed. Like the magic cape, gold sword, and silver arrows. o_O
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