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  • Eh, I never liked the idea of Fierce Diety being a version of Link trapped in a mask. Personally I always felt that Fiece Diety was a Moon God that was trapped in the Mask. Unlike Majora it doesn't have a will of it's own. Majora seems like some sort of Sun God that was brought into the mask through the hexing ritual s in which the ancient tribe used the mask in - so literally the mask didn't seal Majora - it's more like Majora possessed the mask.

    Plus Majora's Mask just so happened to subconsciously attempted crashing the moon into Termina, I believe he did this for two reasons. One, being a spirit of chaos of course he'd want mass destruction. Two, and probably more interesting - he is using the moon to destroy Termina which will also destroy the moon. What is the anti-thesis of the sun? The moon. Fierce Diety and Majora are complete opposites. Also the Fierce Diety Mask just so happens to be found inside the Moon.

    The reason people believe that Fierce Diety is some past incarnation of Link is because in beta versions of MM the mask was simply going to let Link grow older, but the idea eventually was scrapped.
    I was thinking last night, if Demise transcended time than technically wouldn't that mean his curse is not bound by the limitations of time? If so, than in theory his curse should not only be applied to the future (games after Skyward Sword but to the past as well (maybe there could be games that take place prior to Skyward Sword)?
    Wow really? In the orginal MM Majora was really challenging without it, kind of hard in ways. I thought for sure a first time player like yourself would have trouble. Anyway you wanna know the ultimate feat? Beating the entire game with only three hearts, without the glided or razor sword, and without using the fierce dieties mask to fight Majora. That is hard to do.
    That's great to hear, I'm glad you enjoyed the game. Yeah nobody really gets everything during their first playthough, although I must ask did you have trouble with Majora without the Fierce Dieties Mask? Honestly I haven't been playing the game a lot, I'm still in Stone Tower. Anyway Fierce Dieties Mask isn't to hard to get, all you have to do is get rid of all your masks by playing with the moon children. Once you have no masks the kid wearing Majora's Mask gives you the fierce dieties mask.
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