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  • Oh Jeez... Yeah.. if Ash did that, a lot of kid's childhood dreams would be crushed.... but that actually sounds like it could be an interesting fan-fic or something. Or, you could take that idea and apply it to a story in which it exists in an alternate dimension, and ash was the head of Team Rocket, which, in this universe, they are some kind of Pokemon-cruelty gang... or something...

    But anyway, wow. I had no idea. I only ever heard of Casshern thanks to Toonami. So, yeah, it's totally new to me :sweat:
    Ah! okay. So, Sins would be like- DBZ's Kai, or FMA's Brotherhood. Only, the story wouldn't be changed, and/or butchered horribly.
    (Kai, from what I hear, leaves out way too much, and Brotherhood was made to fit the Manga, which came before the first FMA Anime)
    Hmm...... Yeah, I was thinking about cyborg possibly before, but I guess they never said so, so I was still half-lost xD
    Also, there was another show called Casshern? Was it an Anime? (though, in the 70's I couldn't see it being an Anime)
    Haha, why thank you :3
    I think it finally ended on Toonami. :/
    I think the older version of the little girl (having a brain fart on her name).... Though, I am a tad confused because in a previous episode I thought she was starting to really get the effects of the ruin..... hmm.. I guess I just don't fully understand something. :/

    It also doesn't help that I kinda fell half-asleep the past few Saturdays and end up missing a bit :sweat:
    I feel I must poke you.
    I see you in the threads somewhat and you are the only one I've seen with so much Casshern Sins, and I must say, "yeah!", because I have been watching it on Toonami, and I like it. A lot. I also like your icon and your signature :3
    I never realized you were a girl until now. 9_9

    Anyhow, I've been watching some Casshern Sins lately and I love it. Do you have any other anime suggestions?
    Hi there, I just wanted to respond to your response about someone other than yourself knowing about Casshern as it would have been too off topic to continue it on the game thread: So...Yes. I know who Casshern is BUT, I have not watched the whole series yet so I do not know why he killed the Sun named Moon...

    Are you an anime fan?
    I saw your post in the hours clocked in a Zelda game thread and boy, oh boy, do you play a lot. What is your favorite installment in the franchise?
    I would like to request permission to use the phrasing you utilized in a thread post to detail the second Ghirahim battle in Skyward Sword for an article I am preparing specifically, "Timing, dodging, and the direction of your sword swings all came into play".
    Yup, I'm fairly certain they got a 100%. :lol:

    No, it was a final project for 6 kids over at Full Sail, but Valve picked up on it and made it a game. Lol. Nintendo Power had a full article about careers in Video game design and that was mentioned.
    Yeah, I know, it's hard to believe. Lol. It was their final project before graduating. The Captain America Movie was being made at Full Sail too.
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