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  • I don't know... I think I like every zelda I have played. I always had truble making choices :P
    Is there a Zelda game you don't like?
    So you prefer the dark zelda games. It was a friend of mine who introduced me to Majora's Mask, and just like you, it was (and still is) his favorite Zelda game, maybe because it was his first Zelda
    Maybe it was because of this that he wanted me to play MM first too, besides the fact that he liked it.
    That's nice. It was interesting that my first way through Majora's Mask was just about 4 years ago. I wasn't that interested in videogames too. In the time I think I had just played some pokemon games. I could say that Majora's Mask was what really got me into hardcore gaming, but I have never beaten it. In the time it was too hard for me, I just got to the goron temple, I think, then I started to play Ocarina of Time and beat it.
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