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  • Well, yes, this it true... but I was just making the point that technically it's not "unnatural" .... Same as the fact that there are over 450 different species that NATURALLY have sex with the same sex they are. That's one thing that REALLY bothers me. When people say "homosexuality is unnatural" and/or "it's a sin".... OKAY FIRST OFF, it's IN NATURE. Seocondly, don't give me that cockamamie bullcrap about what you think are "sins" .. >_> (as I said before, religious stuff probably isn't even real)

    As for humans doing "unnatural" things.. meh, I find that hard to believe... only for the simple reason, that I see human characteristics within wild (and non wild) animals all the time... So, I'm not sure I know exactly what you mean... ALSO, if said action (or whatever) was "unnatural" in a human, then why would they be doing it? The word "natural" in this instance, means "whatever comes naturally" to humans, correct? Well, each human is different, so I guess if you look at it this way, humans will always do what comes naturally for them, unless acted on by force. (like, some humans have the will to kill, while others may have to be forced to kill by a different, yet threatening human being).... So, in a way, it could be considered "Natural" for humans.... Though, I'm not entirely sure if that's what you meant or not.

    Oh, well, I just meant pills. Any kind of supplement is a pill. I'm pretty sure there are supplements for every kind of needed nutrient. I know there are other things such as Iron and Zinc supplements, but those I don't think you get from food.... :/

    Really? I was certain that the Triforce was always three. hence TRIforce.
    But what I said was originally just a joke by the way :lol:

    Hmm... from what I hear, Churches/Religious guys have been corrupt and/or cheating, from the time they were first built.
    Ever hear of the infamous "Priest" jokes? You know, pedophilia stuff and what not.
    Though, in a sense ALL religions are corrupt to some extent. I know Christianity is. BIG TIME.
    Apparently, in the bible or whatever, they treat women as second class citizen. ALL PEOPLE ARE AND SHOULD BE TREATED AS AN EQUAL..... unless they are a total jerk. xP

    Though, technically even that is not "unnatural" ... there seems to be cats (and other wild animals) that show "racism" or even hierarchies of one gender. I know some mother cats will kill her young if they are of a certain fur color. My grandmother told me she had a cat that did that. I think she said her cat would kill all the gray kittens. I also know that a certain species of hyena, has the female ones as their "leaders" and males are second-class in their animal society. (Part of me screams "GO HYENAS") xD But that's since there's APPARENTLY a male hierarchy in our race/species. >_>

    But yeah, so many idiots.
    No, no, I'm not a pessimistic person. :sweat:
    I was just SPEAKING in a pessimistic manner.... I actually see my self as a neutralist, while LEANING towards the optimistic view.
    I try to see the good, and I guess I try to ignore the bad.... but I know you can't always do that, and I do get pessimistic SOMETIMES.
    Though, recently, that's been happening less and less, so there's probably some hope there ^^
    (I think the reason is because I now have a person I love) :embarrassed:

    Well, yeah, I know people tend to focus on the bad, more than the good... but that's probably because the only time we REALLY focus on the good, is when it's something EXTREMELY GOOD. Normal day-to-day upswings are okay and all, but they are so insignificant and small, that we tend to not notice them. Though, that really all depends on the person. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" kinda model. One thing that may seem insignificant for one person, may hold a lot of value for another. And yeah, I think we tend to focus on bad more than good, is because the bad impacts us more. And it's just awful to feel bad... But I dunno, I think I focus more on the good moments in my life, compared to the bad... but that's just me :lol:
    Yeah, I agree with you 100% too! :lol:
    However, I think I read or heard somewhere that there was a specific type of animal that DOES torture it's food before it eats it. I can't remember what it was, but I vaguely remember hearing that there was an animal that liked to basically "play" with it's food- so to speak. And, if I recall correctly, it's "play" was kind of harsh, and they only "played" with it after they got it to a point where it couldn't escape.... Actually, from what I hear, There are a LOT of living things that have "human" brutality characteristics.... and other "human" characteristics that may not be as "bad".... They're still discovering it, but I think it's quite interesting.

    Well, I know there are protein supplements, but I guess I just can't get over the fact that it's not natural to not eat meat. (for our species)... I just can't comprehend it. -.-; ....
    Anyway, yes, as you said, I don't have anything against vegetarians themSELVES, but I do have something against the IDEA. (the whole hate the crime, not the crime-makers kinda model)
    (not saying it's a crime, just using the phrase to demonstrate that I don't have anything against people who choose not to eat meat)
    I guess another example would be, that I CAN'T STAND illiteracy, and "stupid"-ness, and I think EVERYBODY should have high IQ... but I know that well, for one, that's not something you can control, and well, for another, I know it would be dumb on my part, if I hated somebody for not being smart. And I don't do that. But anyway, yeah, I WISH everybody could BE smart, but that's only because I guess I want smarts for everybody, since I know knowledge is power. (if knowledge is power, then would there be only two sections of the Triforce?)

    Also, yeah, I agree with you there too. REGARDLESS of if there IS OR ISN'T a God, that is not a reason to treat them in a specific manner.
    We should treat them nice because they are THERE. Not because some (possibly fake) higher power WANTS US TO.
    We should do it on our own, from the kindness of our HEARTS. We do it because we want to... Not because some mythical guy in the clouds told us to. (I'm atheist by the way) :sweat:
    Well, lets put it this way... I don't believe crap that can't be proven. If the evidence of a higher being is present, I will change my thinking.
    Until then, I don't hop on the "blind bandwagon" since, there is simply no proof of ANY OF IT. For all we know, churches could be lying to our faces just for attention and money. Sorry, but people do that.

    Oh my god... CHICKEN!? really!? >.<
    Though that actually is so stupid that it's funny :lol:
    Anyway yeah, I had a similar argument with a group of my friends before about that. Their excuse was "Well, some people don't believe that fish is meat" and I'm like: "I don't care what they believe, but FACT IS FACT!!! FISH IS AN ANIMAL AND ALL ANIMALS ARE MEAT!!!!!!" ...... and then they accused me of being stubborn or "not understanding" something.... and I'm just letting it roll of my shoulders because I know I'm in the right. I HAVE evidence and science to back it up....

    And you know what their answer made me realize? (even though I've already realized this before since it's kind of obvious)
    I realized that, if there was scientific PROOF that there was no higher power, then there'd STILL be morons who are stupid enough to throw all sense and science out the window, and stick true to their beliefs, blindly, like dumb sheep.... >_> And THAT is another reason I've lost about 70% of my faith in the human race. And not only that, but there are just so many idiots in the world... ugh, it makes me sick -.-; ....

    Anyway, I'm not trying to be all pessimistic or anything, I just tend to get side-tracked in my own mind :lol:
    Then my mind does all the typing .__.

    But anyway... yeah.... it's rather sad how the world is. :/
    Ah, well, I personally don't see any reason to not want to kill an animal to eat it. We are meat-eaters. We need the protein from animals to survive.
    But yeah, I don't quite get the difference between eating one animal over the other (er- why people are shocked or whatever by it.)
    I can understand not wanting to eat an animal that looks kinda gross- like a sea slug... OR an animal that's dangerous.... but that's something different.
    Well, I guess that people think it's wrong since Cats and Dogs are usually pets.... and well, there is a slight difference. I mean, I can see a person THEMSELVES not wanting to eat a cat, and/or a dog, but I can not take it if they try to force others not to, or even be "appalled" by them eating that animal. (just as long as they didn't kill the animal JUST to eat it) but if the person is starving I guess that's a different story... :/

    Anyway, it all depends on the situation. but in general, I think eating any animal is okay. As long as it's not dangerous.
    and, to tell you the truth, I hate the idea of vegetarians. I personally believe a person is allowed to do what they want, I will not condemn them for it, but I really don't like the idea of depriving your body of nutrients you need, just to satisfy your "religious" or "spiritual" or "whatever" beliefs that it's "wrong" to eat animals. First off- ANIMALS EAT ANIMALS. its NATURE. You can't change that. We all rely on living organisms to feed us, may they be plant, or animal. Now, eating an animal and showing cruelty are two different things. you can eat an animal, without doing them much harm. You could either eat one that's already dead, or you could kill it in a humane way.

    ALSO... I also hate the phrase "oh, it's one of god's creatures".... first of all, it's possible that here isn't even a god or higher power in existence. second of all, PLANTS are living things too. actually, when you think about it, EVERYTHING on this planet is alive, or was alive at some point. (not including the ground and rock and stuff.) Anyway, all I'm saying is, is that I just don't understand the mentality of some people sometimes.

    OH, and what really irks me is when people call themselves "vegetarians" while still eating Fish. they say it's because fish "isn't meat"... NEWS FLASH. Fish is meat. Meat is defined as "the flesh of an animal as food" .. and, last time I checked, a fish is an ANIMAL and what you EAT, it it's FLESH... so yeah, Fish is MEAT. a fish it not a plant, a fish is not a dairy product.... a fish is an animal and thus is indeed meat.

    oi, but anyway, I'm ranting. I should stop >.<
    Oh, and I am in no way trying to insult/offend anybody or anything, I'm merely blowing off some steam. :sweat:
    So, sorry if I come off a tad harsh :sweat:
    check out the Pure Arc Lightening Guild on the groups. It's gonna be cool. I think you'll like it.... well, idk... since i dont really know you....
    Haha, really? I wanna see 'em :D
    Are they tiny? Like Smart Cars?

    Oh wow. Really? that drastic? Sheesh :O
    I thought that was just an old wives tale or something.
    I still refuse to believe that the Chinese eat cats and dogs. I always hated that stereotype/assumption that Americans say >.<
    Though, when I was taking Japanese, My teacher, Sensei, went to Taiwan, and said that they ate this shish kebab thing, and then later went back the next day and asked if there was any more and the vendor selling them said "we didn't catch dog today, so, no food" .... O.O

    Anyway, Yeah... that's crazy! Can't even understand people in your own country! wow.
    The written language stays the same though, right?
    "but what if you're a complete idiot who doesn't know a thing about what your vote could potentially do to the country?"
    ---- AH, in my Geography class we were just talking about that. Apparently they are considering making a test mandatory.
    Anyway, as for drinking when you're 21, that actually makes sense. Alcohol can do bad things to the body at a young age. (and the body needs to mature physically)
    So, they put a law on it so that way it doesn't screw with your body or whatever.

    And, I think that, just as I was using the age thing, I think that's the reason they put laws on based around age. They're using general age-to-maturity measurements.
    Also, you should consider the physical attributes to being say- old enough to drive. As you age, you grow, so at certain ages, you may not be able to see past the steering wheel or be tall enough to reach the petals.... which raises another question...... how do midgets get by in the world? :O .... smart cars? (okay that was kind of a "bad joke", not meant to be offensive though)

    Ah, okay. I was just wondering. What part of China may I ask?
    I'm intrigued by other cultures. :nod:

    Also, is it true that northern China has a totally different spoken dialect than southern China?
    If you went to the opposite side, would you not be able to understand what people were saying?
    (sorry I'm generally curious)
    Oh my... Yeah, I'd say that's a bit strict...

    Anyway, as for the age thing. That actually has some truth to it. Like- mainly with laws.
    In America, you can't drive unless you are 16. You also are not an official adult until you are 18, and you can't vote until you are 18.
    You can't drink unless you're 21, and you get senior bonuses when you reach 55.
    So, in a sense, it makes sense why people get super excited when the turn certain ages. But other than Law reasons, I can't see the over-excitement in turning a specific age. xP

    AH! you're Asian... I guess that could make sense. But yeah, depending on the part of Asia, parents can be overly strict. (from what I hear)
    May I ask your specific Asian ethnicity? Since you just said "Asian"... I only ask because I'm curious. :sweat:
    You don't have to tell me if you don't want to. I'm just curious. :sweat:
    Well, I wasn't talking how old you've been alive (per-se)... I was just generalizing the personality/maturity based on how the majority and general public are during those ages. (I hope that makes sense.)
    Basically, I mean those are ROUGH estimates on age to maturity ratio, or whatever. OBVIOUSLY, I believe that if you're say- 18 but you act like a 5-year old, that's a different case, but, most people have (in general) the same levels of maturity at the same age. (In most cases) But yeah, I just used the age groups to determine a general maturity level :sweat:

    Wow, that's kinda high. I'd understand 9:00... :/
    As far as age goes, so even if you're like- 20, you'd still have curfew?
    That doesn't sound right to me :/

    But I'm not saying anything against it, as long as both child and mother are cool with it. Just as long as everybody's happy, that's all that matters, right? :nod:
    Ah, well, that bites. I think 13 is the limit to when a parent is allowed to set a "bedtime"... once you enter the teens, they can't control when you go to sleep. (In my opinion)
    Now, CURFEW is a different story. (since that's just- be home by ~ time)... I can understand putting a curfew on from 13-18 years. After that, there shouldn't be much stress on it.

    Well, it was only that one time... and I think that was the only time I was Hyper with less sleep than normal.

    Haha, maybe :lol:
    Haha, Well, I'm 19... so yeah... I don't have to be in bed at any given hour. (last time I did, I was like- 10)
    I've even managed to get through a day of Highschool on 30 minutes of sleep :lol:
    (i was actually really hyper that day, oddly enough) - but it hit me as soon as I got home :lol:

    Anyway, yeah... I think for now I'll stick to referring to him by "the person I love" or something similar xP
    Well, I am too old for a set "bedtime" :sweat:
    Yes. I'm trying to find another word besides "boyfriend" since, I must say I do not care for the term. I think it's OVER-used, and I don't know, I guess when I hear that word, I've associated it with people who call each-other "boyfriend/girlfriend" to be- like they don't really mean it.... er- rather, the term lost it's meaning. I guess an example of what I mean would be like the phrase "lol".... "lol" doesn't mean something is funny anymore... it's used just to fill in the conversation as a "break the silence" kinda thing, and I hate it. >_>

    But yeah, I'm trying to find a word that suits me... :I
    Oh, I stay up until Brotherhood begins (sometimes)
    I try to stay up until 3:00am if I can, but I usually conk out before then.
    I watch it with the person I like. x3 But I usually end up falling asleep on his lap during Eureka 7 and Thundercats :sweat:
    Well, I don't remember much of the original Toonami. I just remember vague scatterings of random episodes of random Anime.

    Well, I'm watching FMA Brotherhood... I've watched all of Fruits Basket, and all of Code Geass, I have yet to watch Midori Days, but I've read it all..... That's pretty much it for watching.
    I used to watch Shakugan No Shana, but that seemed to fade.... I also used to watch Pokemon Best Wishes, but that also died.... and... well that's about it. :sweat:

    I read more than I watch, and I don't even read that much. :/

    But as for reading, I'm into Fairy Tail (also watched -forgot to mention), I am into Rave Master (only got to book 3), also O-Parts Hunter/666 Satan, Karakuridoji Ultimo, Nora: the Last Chronicles of Devildom, FMA, D. Gray-man, Dogs: Bullets and Carnage..... and a CRAP LOAD of Yaoi. xD

    But yeah, those are just the major ones off the top of my head.

    I'd include Bleach, and Naruto, but I've stopped watching/reading those AGES ago.
    I saw up until Gaara turned into Shukaku with Naruto, then quit.... for some reason or another....
    And with Bleach.... I stopped around the time Aizen faked his death.

    Now, I have been watching what is on Toonami.
    Well, I never heard of it until THIS NEW Toonami. (I don't know if it played on Toonami before Sins)
    (just so you know)

    But yeah, something similar probably has already been done. =P
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