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  • Yea, I had one of the best dinners at the Cheesecake factory, got some Pasta and some baked Macoroni and cheese.
    Yea thats a good one by them I think right now my favorite is The Good Left Undone I usually change it every 2 weeks Idk why
    Thanks for the suggestion man, its good to see another bassist. And do i detect rise against in your profile picture?
    i don't know if he broke it. i just joked that he did, because he got a new status of rep no one had ever seen before.
    well, ky got 15 hearts of rep, but after that, you get a triforce and a heart. it said 'has touched the triforce'. but a few days after, it just said 'reputation' for everyone. so i just joked that ky broke it. but is it really true (im serious)
    oh. i have good news. i finally built up my callisus, i sound a lot better at guitar. oh yeah, kybyrian broke the rep system (i'd say it was him).
    i'm just glad you're still alive. what happened on facebook? worse than a banning? WTF did you do? getting people is the hardest part of builing a site. how about you put a link in your signature advertizing it?
    what happened? i think your site died. you've been gone for a while and i've been busy with life. i think we might be able to bring it back, but it'll take about a few months. what about your band? do you guys still suck? did you find better recordign stuff?
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