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  • Just put on some thick, woolen socks and youll start to feel a little warmer. If your feet are freezing, then you'll be freezing too.
    Umm.... forgive me for sounding like a complete dick but who are you, and why are you sending me a friend request? Sorry, im just kinda umcomfortable being someones friend, willy-nilly. Then again youre not the first to do something like that so i guess i shouldnt complain by now.

    Anyways, sure! Ill be glad to by your friend umm, ( checks name in profile) Elliotstriforce! How long have you been here in ZD?
    I used to use AoL disks I got in the mail to stay online - you know, three month trial of the service they used to send out in the mail, then you call them to get it canceled. I don't think I will ever do that again, though, because every time I tried to get off AoL's overpriced service before they started charging me, they'd keep giving me the run-around and try to sell me things I didn't need. As for why I wasn't continuing the service, they'd drill me like an interrogation - which means, for me, AoL isn't even worth the price of FREE.

    I don't think AoL sends trail disks out in the mail anymore, though... I think they probably caught on that people were freeloading off them like I did.
    They actually haven't yet. We don't know what's going on over here - we are surprised it is still on. They might be waiting until next week because of bill processing junk. Even then, it seems likely I'll only be cut off for a few days.

    I just tend to be over-cautious when it comes to things like this. I worry a lot - it's in my nature.
    Again, if you were a true Ninja, not only would you know my whereabouts, but you'd be lurking in the shadows behind me
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