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  • Even if you cannot read this, it is good to talk to you again. I created the Angry Teenagers group after many angering experiences, and I thought you might join. Thanks. Joshua is my best friend in real life, so of course he will be in there.

    Thanks again, and I hope you have a nice break from us nerds!
    i gotted a new skateboard it's an enjoi!!!!!!!!!!!! it is awesome... won't be on for a while cuz i has no internwebs. i luv u all like brothers and sisters. see ya in a week or some.
    A humble message to Mr. Triforce,


    From: Who else?
    p.s. I am eating a delicious burrito as we speak.
    Yay you're unbanned!!! I was so shocked when I found out you were banned... but you're back!! Just try not to get banned again.
    hey all you people without lives that look at my profile(jk) i'm going for a while imma write a story so when i get back i might let you all read it if you are lucky i'll still be logged on just don't expect me to do anything later.
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