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  • Oh yeah! I remember that video! It was hilarious!
    I see you've got yourself a new avatar! Is that you?
    Ha ha funny thing about that is that jacket IS $50. My brother bought it for me last christmas at hot topic.
    hahahaha yes! xD what? no more posts? D: lol .... Why would you want to destroy me? :( ...it's under your name xD
    Pfft, homeworks not important
    Or at least, thats what my mom tells me... right after she says that Im cool
    All goes well. And how are you? Hmm, love is a strong word.. I definitely thought it was pretty good. Just a few parts here and there I found tedious.

    Currently trying my hand at a three heart run with it. There are some Zelda 2 style cheap deaths when you do it this way. Hehe..
    The Icash system was taken away a while ago after it was discovered that it could provoke spammy posts.
    Wait wait wait wait wait....wait...girlfriend? When did you...ah, ferget it. I am just a tad surprised that you have one...I would too...and I will tell you my sob story of why I say would.

    6th Grade- I first met...her...and I thought she was wierd. I had my gaul bladder out (I am just f-ed up that way) and she was the only one in my class to make me a card. I didn't really know what to think...

    7th Grade- My locker was right next to hers (O'Neill-me Ordeman-her) and I talked with her a lot. I grew to be fond of her...I actually sped up just to talk to her. And she waited, too. I really liked her at the end of the year, so much that it almost made last summer hard.

    8th Grade (this year)- I still liked her...and she did too. For a month. Then she moved on, into another guy, named...Ryan Burke. I grew to really hate Burke- a shame, he was one of my good friends! He did not like her in return, though- she took a hint, but it took awhile. I suffered so much waiting for her. Then one day...she smiled at me again. The way she used to...and I smiled back. Things were turning around...I grew more and more sure that I...possibly...well, maybe I love her (and yes, I know what love is- I am very deep for a boy of 14). Then one night...
    A dance. I talk to her in line, and she laughs (I love that about her the most- her laugh) just like she did when she felt something too. I felt horrible...because in my spite and rage against her, when she was still into Ryan, I made plans to dance with two of her worst enemies (although they were very sexy). They agreed to dance, not because they appriciated me for the genius I am, but because they wanted to hurt her. After they dance with me, I can see that it is working. She is uncomfortable. So as the slow music comes on, one last time...
    I pushed through some others and gently grabbed her arm...I asked her to dance...she smiled her beautiful smile...she took my hands...I felt so much...Then...then...then I asked her out.
    I went to Hell that night.
    She was shocked; she had that "Holy $h1t!" expression, no longer gracing me with her smile. After a little while of dancing in silence, I asked her again- she never gave me an answer before that. She then said that she doesn't date, and sorry...and she left me on the dance floor with the music still going. Now, being the dashing and amazing guy I am, I swept her into my arms and kissed her, making it all better...right? Eh...I wish. Instead, she walked away again when I tried to explain. That was on 10/23/09.
    So...a week spent in akward silence...every time I looked at her it hurt. "I love you!" I wanted to scream...but I couldn't. I couldn't find my voice. But then...on 10/26/09, I got word that instead of "Not dating" as she originally said, she was dating a boy (a younger boy- younger than both of us- who was only 12) who lived in the rival city to my town.
    OUch. Again, I was hurt and angered. But this time...no, this time, I would not hold my anger inside as it ate away at me. I screamed at God (don't worry, I said sorry later), at the sky, and at her house. But then...maybe she saw my pain...and she started to talk to me again. Like...I actually mean something to her...wow. So we started to talk again...not with the flare she used to talk to me with, but still...
    Now we come to today.
    I hear that the 12 year old usurper she was dating is moving, so I really have no idea as to what to do. I may see her tonight...but still...I am lost.

    So thanks fer letting me tell you my sob story. Whats yer girlfriends name? What hair color? Eyes? Is she beautiful, sexy, or cute? Is she a thinker?

    You really don't have to tell me anything...just a tad curious.
    i has recently beat minish cap. the credits made me cry since it took me all summer to beat it. i am now working on a link to the past.
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