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    General Zelda Ideas for New Zelda Games

    Title says it all. Do you have any ideas for the next Zelda games? They don't necessarily have to be related to current games or the timeline. This is one I found on r/Zelda:
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    General Zelda The Triforce

    When one obtains the Triforce, then one of two things happen. Those with a balanced heart receive the whole thing. Those with an unbalanced heart receive the piece that 'they believe in most'. I have a question, though-- does this mean that someone would get the piece that represents them the...
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    Males Vs Females Game

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    Aquaman: Yay or Nay

    But otherwise ((drawing from what measly knowledge I have of superheroes, mind you)), I don't think he's quite as good as other characters. From what I know ((and I could be totally wrong)) he derives his power from water. Most of the universe is extremely lacking in liquid water. Of course...
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    Have You Ever Cried for the Loss of a Pet/animal?

    Yes. My beloved pet of 15 years ran away after Sandy, when part of the fence was down. We had to let her out to go to the bathroom on a leash. Her collar broke off with it one day while we were out with her, and we never found her. And since her tags were on the collar, no one could contact us...
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    Which Games Do You Wish Were Longer?

    FFA2: Grimoire of the Rift. I REALLY wish the main storyline was longer. I loved it, and hate the fact that it ended so quickly. You could argue that the multitude of sidequests makes up for it, but I would beg to differ.
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    Why Do We Purchase Nintendo's First Party Franchises?

    For me it's probably advertising. If that sounds weird, allow me to explain. The first Nintendo game's I ever played I bought because I heard about them and wanted to play them because the seemed cool. I only played one non-first party game (Spyro), and even then I only played it for a bit...
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    When You Fold Your Hands, Which Thumb is on Top?

    Left is on top for me. I tried with my right, and it feels super weird. I can't stand it. My left pinky finger feels too cold, open, and unprotected for my liking.
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    Males Vs Females Game

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    Males Vs Females Game

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    Males Vs Females Game

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    Males Vs Females Game

    4 It's beautiful.... We've almost won!
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    Males Vs Females Game

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    Males Vs Females Game

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    Males Vs Females Game

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