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  • I think you should join the group called "The Dabombster Factor". I've noticed you're a terrific poster. I even took a page out of your book and now regularly post very long (and sometimes ridiculously long) posts. I thought that you would fit perfectly in the group because your posts are of very high quality.
    I wish more gamers felt the way you do.

    I'm sick of great games being dismissed for being "outdated." It's a strange phenomenon seemingly unique to gamers nowadays, as is the obsession with gore as a hallmark of "maturity."

    How can a game get worse with time? It's not like perishable food.
    Hey no problem, I thought exactly the same thing, I just saw many others for other video game consoles I felt compelled to mimic.
    Hey, congratulations on your Modship!
    "A great game transcends time, and what a great game is made of can be very different things for different people. Nonetheless, there are universal gems, and people can spot them and see their brilliance regardless of how old they are."


    Gamers too often abandon the past in favor of the present. This is a failure to be objective; it's okay if you can't be, but you need to admit that. There are some old games I simply can't appreciate. On the other hand, I recently discovered the 8-bit classic Phantasy Star for the Sega Master System and it has become one of my favorite games of all time.

    It was refreshing to see a gamer who understood we need to look at games objectively and not with the disrespectful attitude many modern gamers have towards older games. Awesome.
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