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  • Hey :) yeah, the 23rd isn't good for me, I have a math test that day. And I say day because I'm all the way on the other side of the world and your evenings-nights are my mornings to midday.

    When I played Destiny, I did it during my mornings and her evenings. I'm just guessing that would be your preferred time as well, or maybe you prefer mornings, whatever.

    So, on Tuesday (your 22nd, my 23rd), I'm free throughout the entire day, morning to night. If that's too soon, I'm also free all day on Friday (your 25th, my 26th).

    Second issue: Destiny had a pretty kick-*** internet connection and there was minimal lag. Not so much for everyone else. I dunno if that's the same for all residents of Canadia (she lives close to Vancouver) so if you've any knowledge of your internet potential, you might want to host the proceedings, or I can, mine isn't horrible. You'll want to go a few practice rounds with me because of the potential for lag and getting acclimatised to it.

    Lastly: I main with Pit, though I'll play Link more because he's more fun. I've got a deadly Kirby, and am pretty capable with most of the roster. Destiny and I just played all our matches on Final Destinations coz that's how we roll.

    In any case, I strike both Castle Siege and Pokemon Stadium Melee.
    Try to be in the shoutbox somewhere when the match is on for some quick communication.

    Good luck! :D
    Hello DuckNoises, I know that we have never really talked so I am here to try and spark up a conversation.
    Your next match in the SSBB tournament is vs. Ariel, and you are the only ones left in the Winners' Bracket. Now, there are three more rounds in the Losers' Bracket that need to be played before the winner of your game can play again. In other words, you should play anytime over the next three weeks or so that you can. Just get in touch with Ariel.
    If you didn't see the thread, I said that you should go ahead and see if you are able to play pupairo before you have to leave.
    I can try to do that, you'll just have to let me know what days are best for you.
    Unfortunately, it probably will. I would like to pick up the pace, but I'm seeing a lot of people not finishing their matches until the last day, so I'm afraid I really can't speed it up.
    Hey, just letting you know that I'm giving the Winners' Bracket in the SSBB tournament a week off since the Losers' Bracket has more rounds to play, so you don't have a game to play this week.
    I liked you opinions on Z-Talk, I totally agree!
    thanks for the ocarina of time 3d roundtable in z-talk 10 a wile ago
    Hey DuckNoises since you have a xbox 360 gametag do you think you could go on there right now and send me a friend request my gametag is ShaneOMac713
    It could, but not sure if the TV will be nabbed:sweat:
    Maybe, 10:00? I'll let you know if i can make it for 9:30. ^^
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