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  1. DrNedaj

    Hyrule Warriors DLC Question

    Hey all I have a question if anyone knows the answer. I have to wait for my birthday to get Hyrule Warriors. It is October 19. Now the first paid DLC comes out October 16. My question is if I don't get the Hero of Hyrule pack (the preorder of all 4 packs) does that mean when the first...
  2. DrNedaj

    Hyrule Warriors My Pre-order DLC Code Give Away

    yes please I would also love the skyward sword one but I think I was too slow on the reply and I have nothing to trade with :(
  3. DrNedaj

    A Link Between Worlds Canada Preorder Bonus for ALBW

    Hey all, I'm surprised this isn't on the main page yet but us Zelda fans in Canada finally get a preorder bonus. I was waiting to get a preorder until I got some type of bonus (even the americans get OOS at gamestop). Well the wait was worth it. At bestbuy.ca if you preorder the game you get...
  4. DrNedaj

    OOT Title Song

    Wow I can't believe it took me 14 years to finally realize where the title music of OOT came from. I set my ringtone to a certain sound from the original LOZ then realized that I've heard that on another game... OOT I'm sure this is common knowledge but it amazed me. Without giving it away have...
  5. DrNedaj

    Goron Reproduction

    well all we know is zoras lay eggs and turn into music note tadpoles then grow up. Thanks majoras mask for clarifying that mystery but gorons will probably always be a mystery.
  6. DrNedaj

    2012 ZD Marathon Wrap Up

    Hi all, I would like a post called 2012 ZD Marathon Wrap Up. I wasn't able to watch even a 10th of the marathon so I would like to know a few facts such as how long it took them to beat all the games (if they did beat them all). Also a few other highlights (such as Goeey not getting epona or...
  7. DrNedaj

    Attempt to Be the Largest Thread in DGN History

    wow this is an awesome long thread!
  8. DrNedaj

    Oracle Games

    Yes I also found the many recurring characters in the series very odd. That I didnt mind because its like most other zelda games they reuse stuff from older games. I never take into account recurring characters as timeline stuff. As far as Zelda introducing herself, I guess I will accept the...
  9. DrNedaj

    Oracle Games

    I recently replayed the oracle games and I realized the whole official timeline thing was just made up for hyrule historia and not a secret document that was used to plan all the zelda games. The oracle games are suppose to be after ALTTP and before LA. Ok I understand LA, due to the boat...
  10. DrNedaj

    Link's Awakening: Original or Remake?

    Really DX added another dungeon, colour, and pictures in which stickers could be printed with old game boy printer. The only thing the original has that dx does not have is the extra ending at the end with marin. You could play dx on original or color game boy too so ya dx is better
  11. DrNedaj

    Majora's Mask I Never Have Trouble with the Collectors Edition Disc.

    Mine would freeze on me now and then. I think its actually great if you can beat the game on the disc becasue the freezing adds a challenge to the game. I had to redo many dungeons because of the freeze glitch. I got it on wii VC instead (well because it was free through club nintendo) so I...
  12. DrNedaj

    General Classic Oracle of Ages and Seasons on Virtual Console

    I would sign something for opertation maple syrup. I owb them but I dont have a GBA with a backlight. I can play on my GBC or old GBA but that requires a great light source so I never got them out to play again because of that. I guess I could buy a used GBA SP but I would prefer them on 3ds
  13. DrNedaj

    Majora's Mask 3D...

    hmm after recently replaying majoras mask on wii virtual console I decided I dont care if it comes to 3ds. Maybe if I didnt have that chance to play it again so recently I would say sure it would be fun but since club nintendo had majoras mask for however many coins and I got it for free... ya I...
  14. DrNedaj

    Which One of Link's Swords is Your Favorite?

    double helix. Very unique sword and it can shoot energy waves. Master sword is overused
  15. DrNedaj

    Spin-off Games

    I think I would enjoy a game where you are ganandorf causing destruction. With this new hyrule historia timeline thing of Link being defeated by Ganon at the end of OOT it would be great to have a game from ganons point of view. Yup thats my new dream. Live out the Link is defeated part of the...
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