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  • Ok, do as you wish, I have two chapter left before I get to the "Rise of The Viral Akatsuki" chapter though :nod: The one I’m working on right now, which may take a while, and then the one Stalhaxored will be in, which should likely be a shorter chapter.......I think :hmm:
    You can read them if you want, I have absolutely no idea when I'll get around to finishing that chapter yet alone beginning it :sweat:
    Oh, of course not :dry: Heheheh, just kidding, I’ll send over the Prologue in a bit then, and just a heads up, practically every chapter after that one has some action in it :yes: But for now, here’s my (Vain’s) info :P

    The Six Ports of Vain-The Viral versions of The Six Paths of Pain, who all enter in from The Hidden Rain Village through the Grid and quickly began to walk through the streets of TRON City alongside their partner Konan, and eventually were infected by the T.A.B.U.U Virus. Now as The Six Ports of Vain, they roam the streets of TRON City, searching for any suspicious programs. They have come to take refuge in an abandoned tower, which they named The Viral Akatsuki Tower, and have gathered together the many Infected Akatsuki members. *Spoilers!* It would seem that T.A.B.U.U gave the Viral Akatsuki the most lethal plan to carry out- setting off a military base in reality. So Vain and his team travel through a portal to the mysterious Dnalsi Detrahcnu (where their true base of operations was set up) in order to carry out their plan, however, before this Vain did battle with the User program Jiraiya and, while managing to Derezz his former sensei, still lost the Animal Port. The Resistance soon gives chase and Vain alongside the other ports eventually do battle against the User Program Naruto Uzumaki, who is later joined by the three Hedgehogs who had come to back him up in their Super Forms. Vain's favorite phrase is "Pain in Vain" and he is encountered within Fugōkagakure. Upon defeat, the Deva Path begins to reboot mid deresolution and manages to pass on some important information to Naruto before being Rezzed back to his game universe of origin.
    Anyhow, tell me when you want me to send over each chapter :yes: My most recent finished one was like 26 pages long so o_O Yeah, the sky's the limit when it comes to chapter lengths I guess heheh.
    Yeah, my story is one HUGE @$$ CROSS-OVER of Tron, Zelda, Metroid, Super Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, Naruto and Kingdom Hearts :sweat: You have no idea how many Viral Antagonists I have made so far.....at least more than 30 o_O There are so many references to the video game series’ in this story it’s crazy :bleh: Also, nice references yourself :xd:
    Encrypted Fossil: Stalhaxored- The viral version of Twilit Fossil: Stallord, who was somehow thrown into TRON City once Gleetchy Desert was created…..the reasons behind how his game coding was mixed in, is a secret to everyone. Needless to say, he was thrown within the section of the Desert called the Shifting Sea of Sand and, while traveling through that section the T.A.B.U.U virus located and infected him. Now as Stalhaxored, he is able to freely move throughout his area of the desert, as T.A.B.U.U’s infection has caused his spinal column to lengthen into a tail of sorts.

    How does that sound as a backstory for him :?
    I haven't posted it anywhere, as I've only typed out 6 of the 14 chapters so far and it’s apparently not spaced right (Each chapter is just one big long wall of text :sweat:) If you don't mind that I could send you over chapters page by page via PM if you really wanted to read it :nod: By the way, what do you think of the infected name "Encrypted Fossil: Stalhaxored" :? Also, there's gonna be a Naruto chapter as well....that's gonna be one of the most violent chapters though :awkward:
    Hey, do you like Stallord :? I imagine you do if he's your profile picture and avatar :nod: Hmmm, I’m thinking about putting an infected form of him in my Tron Story……within the Gleetchy Desert :)
    Hey... uh, what is this comment about?
    More power to you :D
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