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  • Ok then, just ask when you want it and I'll send it :yes: Also, just wait until you get to chapter 6, which happens to be latest chapter I finished typing out.....it's a whooping 26 pages long Bwahahah :devil: My longest chapter yet :D
    Really :? Derezz + Ridley = Derizzedly >.> Meh, it doesn't matter, he won't be staying around in the storyline for much longer heheh :devil: So, want Chapter 3 now, it's 6 pages long :D
    Thanks for letting me know about the small errors.....stupid spell check, not fixing things accurately, gotta make me do all the work :rolleyes:
    Well, I don't know I think I might be half insane and....oh wait, it was the wrong that I was supposed to pay attention to :sweat: So, where were you then, Chapter 3 is next for you or :?
    So, what, do you wish to read more or will the whole strange structuring mess up your enjoyment of it >.> If you do want more, I'll send it over as soon as I log on again, I'm not sure if I'll get kicked off for the night yet.....but it's likely :sweat:
    1. Again, spell check doesn't get everything sadly...........I wish it did though -.-
    2. I told you about that, I don't know how to get that paragraph every time someone speaks thing to work right :sweat: I just don't understand it and it looks funny to me :S
    3. The Twilight Hack is from Twilight Princess.....God and Jashin forbid the stupid Twilight B.S gets thrown into my story o_O Hmmm, perhaps I should've called it Twilit Hack then :? Ah well, too late now I guess >.>
    4. Hmmm, so you know about what C.L.U 2 did :? Regardless, he's a good and helpful character in the story :yes:
    5. Oh, and lastly, what did you think of the song if you did listen to it :3
    1. "Then" should be "them"- Oops, spell check doesn't get everything :sweat: I fixed it >.>

    2. Doesn't the red mean its corrupted or something? No, that's just the colour of circuitry my light suit has, my friend's is green.

    3.So wait...did you get swords or cycles?- Light Sword's and Identify Discs are weaponry, Light Cycles are vehicles, sorry for the confusion heheh.

    4.I'm sorry...these are just so cheesy! XD- Don't know how to respond to that =\

    Also, I gotta log off for the night, so I’ll send over more chapters tomorrow I guess :nod:
    So, do you want me to explain what me and my one friend look like or should I just send over Chapter 1 :?
    1. I must ask do you know of Daft Punk, and if so, have you heard their song Derezzed....or any of the songs from the soundtrack they made for Tron Legacy?
    2. Yep, I have a document for everything important. Locations, Positive Characters, Negative Characters, Chapter Names……I got ‘em all typed out.
    3. See number 2 :P Also, explain my characters would be hard, it would take away from the story line......just having a moment where it explains what I look like, I likely wouldn't be able to make that work =\ Besides me and my one friend, practically all of the other characters should be familiar :nod: Except maybe, Tron, Kevin Flynn and his digital clone C.L.U 2 >.>
    If you want, I can give you the explanations I made of myself and my friend :) Also, if you want to see Kevin Flynn, Google the name Jeff Bridged :silent:
    Funny thing is, they won't have any spinners, only Link will >.> Anyhow, this location's explanation will give a little insight on how the battle will go down. But I won't fully know how it gets shaped until I allow my mind to type it our perfectly to me likings :nod:

    Shifting Sea of Sand- The large and vast sea of sand which is located on the other side of the Gleetchy Desert, it stretches far and wide, eventually draining into the Pit of Deresolution.......after which it just disappears apparently, as the pit never fills up from it. The theme present within this area is that of the "Lanayru Sand Sea" from Link's game The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Only unlike in his game, the Light Jet Skis used to traverse across it are able to move through it with ease, no Time Shift Stones required. The Viral Program, Stalhaxored is fought here, and considering the fact that the battle field is on a sea of quicksand, it's quite a dangerous situation for the Resistance to say the least. However, lucky for them small islands were also located within that large sea of sand, and they soon manage to locate a large cluster of them in the sea's central area. Once they arrive there, they begin to do battle with subterranean viral fossil before advancing to the pit.

    Actually, maybe I should just make the whole battle take place on the sea of sink sand :devil:
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