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  • Ridley can breathe fire....or at least in Metroid Other M he could I think :hmm: Regardless, he won't be around much longer heheh :devil:
    Damn, I'm gonna have to go around and change all that crap to gesture now :xd: And no, they’re just as crappy as the original Metroids, I just though “Matrixoid” was a cool infected name to give them :bleh:
    Oh noes, Lord Vain shall not let you become depressed o_O
    Err, what was the last Chapter I sent you :? If you still wanna read more that is :bleh: More and more people keep telling me that I'm good at writing, but I wouldn’t say I’m better then Thareous, nope :silent:
    Ah yes, the pitiful SOPA and whatever the hell the other thing was :dry: For all I care, Melvin could go an give the people who came up with such a thing a great big "hug", hahahah :devil:
    "I should be studying for my science test, but instead I'm on Zelda Dungeon, doing random stuff...It's probably not the wisest career decision, but it'll work."
    ~Quoted from me talking about my life, just now.~
    Err, what the picture said heheh....wait a minute, why did that picture talk to me just now o_O Hmmm, how weird :suspicious:
    I know, I was surprised how long it was myself o_O If you enjoy a certain Mask, you may enjoy it though......and that is all I'm gonna say about it :silent:
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