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  • I'm kind of the same, I found out about Yu-Gi-Oh the Abridged Series when my one friend showed me it......but as far as The Legend of Neil goes, let's just say a long series of Wikipedia pages brought its existence to my attention :nod: Have you watched Season 3 yet though, I just watched it last week and it ended with something called the "Super Grimsley Bros." o_O Now, I’m not sure if that’ll be a real series, but if it is I’ll be watching it for sure :yes:
    Huh, that's quite interesting......I must ask though, have you watched the Legend of Neil :? It’s pretty ridiculous (more so then the Abridged series’), but just as funny :nod:
    Indeed, for me though the episodes still have a lot of rewatch value to 'em :P But.....I'm not sure how long that value shall last >.>
    Yeah, it's rather disappointing -.- I'm sure he'll add more eventually.....at least....I hope so :awkward:
    Oh, yeah ok ^^ I love that series, so much that I really want LittleKuriboh to make more episodes in the Cancelled series already >.< Or something like that, I also watch the Naruto Abridged series, but I’m mostly into the Yu-Gi-Oh stuff :nod: P.S. I’m not David Bowie :suspicious:
    Hey, you saw my reply to the which Zelda is the worst thread right? Somebody nega repped me for what should just be a joke between you and me. The rep said my post made me sound like a loser... :(

    BTW you should get some friends...lol.
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