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  • Hey, I hope you found out how to register. :O

    Click log in without meaning to and look across the border. There should be 'register' around there. :P
    are you logged in as me? << because it's being mean :P

    and I sorry I don't have your lunch. it's only for one more day x-x

    I loves you :P
    I'm going bai-bai. Gotta do a review.

    And you should log-in to my account and help me get the shout box o<
    That was just put up, as I said :P

    And you changed it again lol Now it's an angel.

    .... You're 16...? O-o

    I never knew :P I always thought you were behind a year, but I haven't aged yet O< Meh bad
    I'm okay, my computer's fan is breaking though, so i can't get on it often...-.- was your boyfriend mean? :kawaii:
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