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  1. DoomDash

    Nintendo Is your Switch starting to warp?

    We just get the new "curved" screen Switch :D.
  2. DoomDash

    Times you 'got gud'

    Won a computer in 2002 in a Counter Strike tournament. Was very famous in the Milwaukee area. Was top 1% in Starcraft 2 when I played, beating a few famous players and small tournaments. Have been traveling the US for Tekken (mostly midwest) for the last 14 years and was at my peak 4th best in...
  3. DoomDash

    Favorite Setting in Video Games

    Yeah DC was probably tied w/ NV for me honestly.
  4. DoomDash

    Favorite Setting in Video Games

    PSX version of Doom's Hell (PSX version because the soundtrack made me get more into it) Final Fantasy VII's Nibelheim (for all the memorable flash backs and returns here. So much happened in this town) Resident Evil's Mansion. New Vegas's Wasteland. Final Fantasy VII's Midgar Honorable...
  5. DoomDash

    Anyone got a solid opinion on ARMS yet?

    Looks awful to me.
  6. DoomDash

    The Switch is DOOMED

    It seems be a Switch issue. If you look at the thread people with other brands are also reporting the problem, it just happens that Samsung is getting the worst of it.
  7. DoomDash

    Will the Playstation 5 still use discs?

    Maybe for a 4K bluray player.
  8. DoomDash

    Switch or something else?

    Switch, so hot right now, Switch.
  9. DoomDash

    Which Village Would You Want to Live In?

    ;) wink Gerudo Town ;) wink
  10. DoomDash

    Outside of Nintendo, who do you have your eye on for E3 2017?

    I guess any updates to the Final Fantasy VII remake. I'm skeptical it will be as good as the original but I hope it can have the impact the original did on me, but for the next generation of players.
  11. DoomDash


    If only Nintendo had an achievement system. I know not everyone wants that but I certainly would, I love trophies.
  12. DoomDash

    Playstation 4 purchase advice

    I bet there will be a price drop in fall if you can wait.
  13. DoomDash

    Nintendo Switch Patch Notes

    Nintendo needs to write better patch notes.
  14. DoomDash

    Most unique games youve played

    Blast Chamber on PSX comes to mind.
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