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  • Hi Doc! I need a replacement for JC in Wizard101 Mafia. Since you died, would you like to replace him?
    Sure, if you can't find anyone else.
    Heroine of Time
    Heroine of Time
    It's been a few days and I'm not sure who else to ask. I think you're my best bet. :P
    Haha, thanks. I really couldn't come up with a new user name. Eclipse is what I could come up with. Not bad, for a change around here. What about you, Doc? When are you getting one?
    Naw, there are others with demon blood, but Saga was born with the ability to cast magic at will. His mother is a mage, his father was a demon.

    Aight, full Ӕsir it is. Don't worry, just because characters don't know magic means that they suck. Magic is just an extra power. During the story you will find out why Saga's magical abilities are much.
    Sup, Doc? Just wondering here. Does Rikard have demon blood? Or is he a pureblood Ӕsir? It is important and I need it ASAP.
    I see. Although the story was quite good back then, my advice for you would be not to read it. Of course I can't stop you from searching it and read it if you feel like it, but probably the new story will be better since I noticed how sloppy my writing was back then and I will surely improve on that. I am still not perfect, but I have been improving a lot lately. The more you do something, the better you get at it. I am honored to have you as a character, always feel like that when ZD members sign up for a story. :) I think I have a few roles where you might fit a character of your choosing:

    1) Saga's closest friend from Niflheim.
    2) An Einherjar he picks up during his Midgard missions. He could be a magician, or a warrior, depends what you want.
    3) How about an enemy of great power, like a god or something? Or someone who wouldn't die during the story, because believe me, lots of peeps die during the story.

    It really is up to you. Pick anything you want. I will probably use the ZD members I used back then, but I might also open up a sign up thread and see if any one else wants in.
    I thought of those two roads, actually. I spoke to Vanessa28 about it, and she suggested that I simply use ZD members like other writers did in their fanfics. I didn't feel like putting up a sign up thread since not too many people visit the writing section. But yeah, I had in mind just inserting random ZD peeps into roles and just work the story out. XD But right now, like I said before, I am leaning more to rewriting and finishing Valkyrion's tale.
    I see. It sounds like it could be a very good story from the title you gave me. I will wait and see what you do with that.

    And as to Asgard Legends, how can I describe to you what it's about it in short words? Ah yes, I have it. The story focuses on Saga, who used to be Queen Hel's High Champion, or in other words, her second in command, second in command in the entire realm of Niflheim. All gods feared him because he was an expert at killing any type of living being, gods included. He was a killing machine, unbeatable, some believed. I never got to the point in the story of letting the readers know why Queen Hel sent him to murder Odin, the ruler of the universe, but I was about to. Anyway, he did go, he was sent on that mission and failed in his attempt to kill Odin. Odin, knowing of his great talents, gave him a second chance to live. Saga accepted for personal reasons, and so he becomes known as Valkyrion Saga soon after, this after he is given the title Valkyrion by Odin for being the first ever male to be tasked with valkyrie-like duties. You probably know how in mythology the valkyries were tasked by Odin to go secure the souls of fallen warriors with great talent. That's the job Saga gets, mostly because collecting souls that time around was very hard and dangerous. [Members here in ZD were these fallen warriors, Einherjar] Saga had several missions to perform while on that duty, but I never really even got to half the story. But really, I think it's the best story I came up with while here. There are Rise of the Dragir and Survival of The Fittest that I also wrote, which are sorta good IMO and put up a good challenge, but I think once Valkyrion's tale is all written and told, it will surely topple those two. :P That's why I want to finish it--nay, rewrite it and finish it. :) And I will.
    ZD Fanfic Intro:


    Zeedee [AKA ZD] had always stood strong through good, bad, and great days ever since its foundation. But lately, the realm had been having troubles. For unknown dark creatures, monsters of assorted sizes and looks, had simply begun appearing at random all over the world. They first had appeared over ZD soil in small numbers, but their presence had spread to other nearby realms, including Hyrule, Anglaria, Vatli, and Sysike in a matter of days.

    At first, sightings of these creatures had been taken lightly by many. Some people had even found the reports humorous at times, mostly because of the way the creatures were described by peasants, commoners, and some nobles that supposedly had seen them. The newly appointed king of the realm had thought the reports were just made up and had laughed it out when he had heard of them. But reports of the creatures only continued to increase with the marching of the days, pouring in from almost every village, town, and even some cities.

    Worry assaulted the king and even his family for days, but he chose to wait and see if the problem went away.

    It did not.

    More reports of weird, unknown creatures made it to his throne room on a daily basis.

    So troubled at what was going on, King Jimmu decided that it was time to investigate, that the time had come to find out what was going on. His decision to take action was not just based on how he felt about the matter, or because of some of the pressure he'd received from his family and his council, but because of the pleas he had received from several allied kingdoms a few days ago. The leaders of those realms, surely good friends of his, wanted answers and were looking up to him to help since things had really started in his realm.

    So the king assembled some teams a day later. Ten teams of five great knights they were, all led by the very best knights of ZD, paladins, in other words. Their simple duty was to visit the places where most of the sightings had taken place and investigate as well as they could, try to figure out what the heck was going on.


    What do you think? I also have the next chapter, but I won't post it up unless you wanna read it. Lemme know.
    I am not really sure I want to post the ZD fanfic. I can show you what I have so far, so you can read it. Then you can tell me whether it has potential. I'll post it here in a separate visitor message in a bit.

    After reading your recent message, what story would that be? I know you had several cool ones.

    I was actually reading some old stories of mine earlier and also last night, and I thought that it would be good if I reworked one and finished it. I left it unfinished and I don't even remember why. You probably never read it, it's called Asgard Legends. There are several different variations of the story, but I am referring to the first one I wrote. You know what? I probably will attempt it with that one. That story really needs to be finished, and I will do it this time around. ;) Hey, sign up for it if you want, just toss a character my way.
    After what we have spoken, I decided to do something that might help you get yourself back on the writing map. I still haven't posted it because I wanted to discuss things about it with you. What I have written is small, nothing very big to start off. I had in mind a ZD fanfic, but what really were you considering writing about?
    I understand. If you really like writing, you should go for it. Who knows? Maybe this time around you'll get it going and become an expert at it.

    I still write from time to time, but more focused on life. If I see that you put up something, I might be tempted to join in. Haha
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