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    What if they did a Zelda movie? (Hope that never happens)

    It would suck for sure, but that's because the movie industry itself sucks. There are actually very simple ways it can be good. First things first, no live action. Second, make an actual Zelda plot, no "cartoon character goes to the real world and meets boring stock characters" bull****...
  2. DJ Twitch

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 383!

    The part-timer. His apathy towards his job speaks to me on a very personal level.
  3. DJ Twitch

    How many series do you like more than Zelda?

    It's part of my top 3 with Pokemon and Sonic for sure, but I don't what particular order they all come in, so there are at most two that I like better than Zelda.
  4. DJ Twitch

    Disappointed American Pokemon fans are asking President Trump to halt sales of Sword and Shield

    This is just the "Shaggy for MK11" thing all over again; someone made a joke and now it's become another forced meme. Y'all taking this way too seriously.
  5. DJ Twitch

    Design Pokemon Gen 9's Gimmick

    After leaving the first town, the player will be given the Lucarionator, which can turn any of their Pokemon into Lucario. It can be used at any point in battle as many times as you like and is a key item that cannot be held. It's so awesome that a 20 second cutscene will play every time you use...
  6. DJ Twitch

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 381!

    BOTW 2 is clearly pretty far into development if they already have cutscenes for it. Release date will no doubt be in 2020 and the gap between that and 2017 has already been filled with the LA remake. If anything else was coming out in the interim, we would already know about it.
  7. DJ Twitch

    Most consistent gaming franchises in terms of quality

    I'd say it's the Mario games that take #1 in terms of consistency; they may be mediocre, but they are reliably mediocre, I always know what to expect when I play them. Sonic takes #2. Same deal as Mario, but Sonic's up's and down's are more noticable. Fallout takes the bronze. It did well to...
  8. DJ Twitch

    Do You Vote?

    I like to vote whenever I can, even if I don't care too much about what's going on. I remember a lot of people were complaining about the candidates of the 2016 election, only to say that they didn't vote, so I can always say I'm not one of them, if nothing else.
  9. DJ Twitch

    Console Colouring Preferences

    I don't really give color any thought. I always think about price and condition since I always buy them second hand. Though if I had a choice, I always go with the black ones; white isn't for me.
  10. DJ Twitch

    Post a Video Game Tune That Has You Feeling Nostalgic

    This piece brings a tear to my eye. Six years... I can't believe it's been six years...
  11. DJ Twitch

    Do you behave differently online?

    In some ways, yes, but in other ways, no. In real life, I don't make superficial judgements or spew smart-mouthed quips. I actually consider myself to be polite, level headed guy; sites like this are really where I go to forget about that for a while and just have fun. However, much like on...
  12. DJ Twitch

    What Made You Happy Today?

    Just found some veal at Marc's. Been looking for that stuff for ages.
  13. DJ Twitch

    If the PS5 is fully backwards compatable what older games do you want to get for it?

    Metal Gear 1 - 4 Taito Legends 1 and 2 Those LotR games Sonic 06 (may not keep it though) Sly Cooper Those would just be my top priorities. I'll definitely get much more.
  14. DJ Twitch

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 380!

    Such a hard question, I love them all. Ultimately, I'd have to say Great Bay, as most of my best memories were made there.
  15. DJ Twitch

    Your Top 5 Favorite Games

    Hmm... It's quite a thinker, but I'll keep it one game per franchise. Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire Zelda Ocarina of Time Sonic Heroes Mario Superstar Baseball Fallout New Vegas
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