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    Pain threshold

    I have never taken pain killers once in my life and I never will. The weakest I've ever been was when I strained my neck last November and just asked my mom to bring me some cigarettes, other than that I just toughed it out for the following couple days.
  2. DJ Twitch

    Do you want BOTW2 to have some LAHD bosses?

    Not really, I'd much prefer if they actually put some effort into making good new bosses. Although, I'd certainly take that over Ganon, but with X powers.
  3. DJ Twitch

    Light-hearted and goofy moments in BotW2

    More. While Zelda games have never made me actually laugh, they are always much better off when they're not trying to make me care.
  4. DJ Twitch

    Do you prefer Classic Zelda or Experimental Zelda?

    Classic Zelda by far. Most of the "experimental" ones aren't even good.
  5. DJ Twitch

    2020 U.S. Presidential Election Thread

    Well, Yang was my dog in that race so that's unfortunate. At least now I can back Bernie just for the absolute nuclear exchange when he debates Trump.
  6. DJ Twitch

    What will Ganondorf sound like if he talks?

    I think of Quan Chi, but slightly more rough.
  7. DJ Twitch

    Should Breath of the Wild 2 drop the stamina system altogether?

    It should be used for running faster for a short time; take it out of combat completely and bring back the hookshot.
  8. DJ Twitch

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 393!

    Yeah why not? It would probably be the next logical move in terms of remakes. Although, they can always put them both together in some kind of classic Zelda collection game.
  9. DJ Twitch

    What do you NOT want to see in BotW2?

    Huh, I thought I'd posted in this thread, but I guess I didn't so here go... Weapon Breaking. There is simply no reason for any game to have this hellspawn system; in fact, I dare say that the first BotW would have been tolerable without it. Voice Acting. A few years ago, I was all for this...
  10. DJ Twitch

    Would you be interested in a Zelda Ocarina of Time remake again?

    Nah, not for me. While OoT is indisputably the crown jewel of Zelda, it should remain as it is for that reason. Also I don't trust Nintendo to do a true remake properly, given their recent track record. Like I've been saying about other Zelda games, just port it.
  11. DJ Twitch

    UK to reject Article 13 after we leave the EU!

    Nice to see that something everybody hated has been shot down for once, good on ya, Brits.
  12. DJ Twitch

    What do you NOT want to see in BotW2?

    I'd rather know where my objective is than risk wasting my time. For all the player would know, that tower could have not been important until later on.
  13. DJ Twitch

    Does your opinions on Zelda games change over time?

    There are only 3 examples I know of, and they are... TP. Never hated it, and I don't even know what my problem with the game was, but it just didn't click with me at first. Over the years though, it really grew on me. Today, I consider it to be the best Zelda ever made, even though it's not my...
  14. DJ Twitch

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 390!

    Normally I'd say Vaati, but as others said, I don't really consider him to be a sub villain since he's largely independent of Ganon and is in more than one game. That said, my vote goes to Zant. On top of everything Spirit said, let us remember the fact that he has the last laugh against Ganon...
  15. DJ Twitch

    What was the last game you played in 2019 and the first in 2020?

    Pokemon Stadium and Pokemon Stadium
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