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  1. Dizzi

    How do you feel about "Cringe Comedy"?

    Is this like youve been framed type vids or??
  2. Dizzi

    What story/character tropes do you dislike or hate?

    Bad guy explains his whole plan instead of killing good guy thereby letting good guy foil that plan....
  3. Dizzi

    Do you have a 'happy place'?

    My couchie corner...
  4. Dizzi

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    So basically like here then??
  5. Dizzi

    What story/character tropes do you dislike or hate?

    The obvious new character starts evil and then becomes thw nice guy....
  6. Dizzi

    Is there an open world in your favourite gaming series?

    Ummn i think yall gonna guess mine...leave some space for yall to guess... Dragon quest builders!!
  7. Dizzi

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    I think smallvilles lexs house is used in other shows...
  8. Dizzi

    Do you mind when story elements are locked behind a DLC paywall?

    I hate it im like i brought the game i dont wanna pay more for the story, if its like a new outfit that dont really do owt then ok but i aint necessarily buying it...
  9. Dizzi

    What made you sad today?

    He hurt you so he gotta be punished....you ok??
  10. Dizzi

    Which Zelda game controls the best?

    Oot had best controls for me cuz of instinct....ss was worse...
  11. Dizzi

    What Annoyed You Today?

    My cheese is hard and annoying....
  12. Dizzi

    Does your pet show affection towards you?

    Do you count waiting for you to escort him to his bowl as a sign of affection??
  13. Dizzi

    Everything Happens So Fast...

    I like slow life but others make me rush and i get frustrated at them...
  14. Dizzi

    What scared you today?

    Might have to go back into shielding.....
  15. Dizzi

    Favourite opening levels

    Dragon quest builders 2 was a pretty good starter...
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