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  1. Dizzi

    How important should Story/Cutscenes be?

    I like a story, stories make games bit botw didnt seem to have a story..
  2. Dizzi

    What Causes Some Video Games to Age Poorly, In Your Opinion? What Do You Feel Makes a Game Timeless?

    Kinda both cuz you cant find some games on x console that was released in the 80s and not released onto x console that just released...
  3. Dizzi

    Less freedom

    Um more explanation please??
  4. Dizzi

    What was your most recent purchase?

    Lunch ...
  5. Dizzi

    What Made You Happy Today?

    Toon version!!
  6. Dizzi

    Never Played (insert name)

    Triforce heroes wont be picked up again!
  7. Dizzi

    What Made You Happy Today?

    Beauty and the beast on tv...
  8. Dizzi

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    WAAHHH!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I hope you put sun cream on!!
  9. Dizzi

    Ever preferred the villain over the hero?

    sometimes the hero is really bland and too goody two shoes like, deus said, that's why I couldn't deal with Captain America, but off the top of my head I cant think of any bad guys I prefer over the good guys!!
  10. Dizzi

    Which Messaging Service is Popular In Your Country?

    Thiught id replied to this but whatsapp and fb seem to be faves...
  11. Dizzi

    An issue I have with game reviews (a soapbox)

    Not everyones played all the games so the readers wont know what youre on about...
  12. Dizzi

    Your Worst Puzzles

    Oh the flippin blocks those were ARGH!! With the colour matchin...
  13. Dizzi

    The Return Of The Hookshot?

    You could fish with a hookshot ...
  14. Dizzi

    Your Worst Puzzles

    Noise ones and moving stuff...
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