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    Epona in Skyward Sword

    It could be that we use the Loftbird for transportation in the sky and Epona on solid ground. Nintendo hasn't made any mention of Epona yet for SS (atleast not that I've heard), so I guess it could go either way. But we do know that there are statues present on land where you can presumably call...
  2. disturbed42

    Countdown to E3

    It's morning now but I fell asleep soon after you posted this. Hurray! I'm still kinda tired but Nintendo's conference will definitely wake me up! :D Haha, yup, you know it. :) Also....THIRTY MINUTES LEFT PEOPLE!! AAAHHH!
  3. disturbed42

    The New Rumours (and Probably Hoaxes); Skyward Sword Getting Even More Mysterious

    -Axle the Beast I'm sorry, but am I the ONLY ONE who's heard of Zelda Williams "Super Secret Shoot" with Nintendo? This rumor makes perfect sense. Zelda has been filming a so called "Super Secret Shoot" with Nintendo and she's been tweeting all over the place about it. That doesn't really...
  4. disturbed42

    Countdown to E3

    People, I CAN'T SLEEP! Aauuuuggghhhh!!! D: It's 3:00 in the morning where I am and I still have to wait 8 more hours until Nintendo's conference! Wait....only 8 hours left.... PEOPLE I AM SO EXCITED. Skyward Sword, Project Cafe, new releases, awesome launch titles, and possibly a brief mention...
  5. disturbed42

    Will There Be Songs in the Game?

    In the GDC trailer there was an icon of a lyre (a small harp, like Sheik had in OoT). Many people speculate that it might just be Sheik's lyre, and perhaps is also a magical, maybe even legendary instrument. But, of course, there's no proof of that so we're not really sure. However, addressing...
  6. disturbed42

    Countdown to E3

    And don't forget the little surprise for Zelda's 25th anniversary. I figure that'll be revealed at e3 as well.
  7. disturbed42

    Countdown to E3

    Soo excited for e3! I've been counting down now for a while (only 24 days left!) and it feels great to share the excitement with you guys, especially since no one at my school is a Nintendo fan. Bummer. :( But it's all good! :) Even if I'm screaming with joy in front of my television by myself...
  8. disturbed42

    Japan 2011 Earthquake

    Fox 35 News just reported that there were two more earthquakes early this morning, one of them being a 6.2 Also, hundreds of thousands are homeless and there's a forecast of snow tonight in certain regions of Japan, getting as cold as 20 degrees tonight. And TEPCO (some sort of technician...
  9. disturbed42

    When Do You Think the Realse Date for Skyward Is?

    Hopefully August....--crosses fingers-- It's a little bit after OoT 3D's release, so those sales have some time to settle down. Although the revealing of Zelda's 25th Anniversary surprise could possibly push it back to November, that is if Nintendo releases that in August instead of Skyward...
  10. disturbed42

    List of Theories on the Figure from the Trailer

    I believe this guy/girl (let's just go with "he") is either a Dark Interloper, a sword spirit, or something completely new. The Dark Interloper makes complete sense to me mainly because of the way the guy disappeared (Twili magic, ooh). Him being a sword spirit also make sense because he has the...
  11. disturbed42

    Skyward Sword Creature

    I figure that some form of teleportation will be how Link travels from Skyloft to Hyrule, but of course I don't know that for sure. So I'm going to say that perhaps Link will ride a giant bird (hence why there is a bird in the Royal Family's crest, which is also the main logo for Skyward Sword).
  12. disturbed42

    How Can Ganondorf Be the Main Villain of Skyward Sword?

    I really hope they don't include Ganondorf in this game. I just feel like I've seen him way too many times. Urgh. I guess they could do this whole thing where it's a different Ganondorf (like not related to any of the other Ganondorf's at all) and the guy/girl thing in the new trailer is a sword...
  13. disturbed42

    What the 2011 Traiiler SHOULD Look Like!

    I definitely like the vivid colors; it gives everything a bit more life, in my opinion. And you did a really good job! I can see a lot more details from your edited photos :)
  14. disturbed42

    Analyzing the GDC '11 Trailer

    This character just looks too menacing to me. I think it's a villain, though I won't say that it's the main one. There is a slight resemblance to this character and the Skyward Sword spirit, but we know almost nothing about the story for this game. For all we know, this could be another sword...
  15. disturbed42

    New Instrument.

    Looks like a harp (or a lyre or whatever) to me. I'm excited now! :D I was hoping for some musical elements in SS. Although I won't get all hyped up and say, "The Sheikah are going to be mentioned in this game!" It just seems too unlikely, in my opinion. I wonder how we'll play it with the WM+....
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