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  • Really? I checked in the settings, and nothings happened lol. Did you approve or dis-approve? If it's too complicated, you don't have to LOL
    When you make a post there underneath there is a little star looking icona and you click it.........?
    Yes I agree. When I make a thread or post a comment, I always use correct grammar so people can understand. I gave some Reputation points to you. Be a pal and give me some? LOL please!
    Thanks! I try to make it lively and informative. (I'm also trying to get my Reputation up but no ones giving me reputation even though I give it to many people. :(
    :eek:carina:: dude so whts happening? Do u luv playing zelda?
    Ah, okay. Hey man! Nice to receive a friend request from someone who actually talks to me. :xd:

    Hah, thanks. Always good to hear from a fan. ^^ If you like them, you might be interested in the fact that I'm planning on starting up a non-Zelda Youtube show sometime soon. ;)
    There are a guy named Seph that was developing zelda fan game for snes called Link - Parallel Universe.

    Please visit this link an vote to give him support and encouragement so that this games will get successfully completed:- http://parallelsequel.wordpress.com/2010/06/25/104/#comments

    Homepage:- http://parallelsequel.wordpress.com/
    Not at this time, but i will.....

    I already beat Outland, Seed of Darkness, The Hall of Undead, Return of The Hylian, & Zelda Mobile...

    Currently, i playing Parallel World & Oni-Link Begin...
    Super annoying. I hate sliding around everywhere. I REALLY hate sliding block puzzles.
    I've been on here for about 3 days and found something in common with someone but I'm any Zelda fan would agree, lol.
    You should try 'The Legend of Zelda - Return of the Hylian' Trilogy first....

    There are 3 games in this trilogy:

    1) The Legend of Zelda - Return of the Hylian
    2) The Legend of Zelda - Oni-Link Begins
    3) The Legend of Zelda - Time to Triumph
    Thanks for your friend request... :) Welcome to zelda dungeon, have fun and enjoy your stay. So, which game you are playing recently? What do you think about new Zelda - Skyward Sword?
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