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    Your Deviant Art ID

    I use my dA for my photography! I haven't been too active on their lately due to busyness, but I will get back to it soon!
  2. DisappearingMist

    Best Star Trek Captain

    Janeway is my favorite - she leads the crew through adversity so well, but Picard is a close second. They are really pretty much tied in my mind, at this point.
  3. DisappearingMist


    Enjoyed both the movie and the book. Louis Sachar has such interesting ideas. He was one of my favorite authors when I was younger.
  4. DisappearingMist

    Card or Cash?

    I pay with cards almost all the time. I like being able to track my spending that way, and I like the rewards. Cash has a way of just disappearing without any accountability. I do try to always have cash for vendors that don't take cards, though.
  5. DisappearingMist

    How Much Time Do You Plan to Spend at the Marathon?

    Pretty sure he'll be involved on some level! :)
  6. DisappearingMist

    How Much Time Do You Plan to Spend at the Marathon?

    Aww :) I'll be watching for you! I will be participating heavily this year (again). Missing the first day due to travel, but I will be there :)
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    Did You or Do You Keep a Diary?

    I kept one for years. Most of the time, it was full of frivolous details, but I did occasionally venture into deeper territory. As I got older, I started blogging and that helped me chronicle the day to day details for years. I miss journaling...it was therapeutic for me. One of these days I...
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    Which Book Are You Currently Reading?

    I just started reading the Gunslinger by Stephen King, the first book in the Dark Tower series. I'm not sure how I feel about it. It's creepy in a lot of ways, but I am starting to get interested in it. Not sure I will continue through the series or not, yet.
  9. DisappearingMist

    To Have Siblings or Not

    My siblings were 14 and 17 years older than me. I spent most of my childhood feeling like an only child most of the time. I missed out on the good parts of having siblings, and always wished that I a sister my age. Caleb has 6 siblings, and now I feel like I know exactly what I missed out on...
  10. DisappearingMist

    Are You Independent?

    Definitely financially independent. Emotionally, I get a lot of my support from my family. When I moved out, it was a big stepping stone to understanding how to be independent and figure out my problems for myself, but there's still nothing like a good chat with mom when I need clarity on something!
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    Clocks - Digital or Analog?

    I use both kinds of clocks. I prefer analog for my wrist watch and on the wall, but digital for my alarm clock. If the whole world was one way or another, it wouldn't bother me. I do like how analog clocks help you to visualize how much time has gone by.
  12. DisappearingMist

    What Are Your Opinions On Tablet Computers?

    I don't have a tablet, but have looked into them every few months. If I did more art, I would like a Wacom tablet, but I would not use it enough to justify it at this time. If a tablet had more space and power, I would buy one to do photo editing on. Someday in the future... I would like a...
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    How Did 9/11 Impact You?

    I was in the 8th grade. The school day was pretty worthless, as most of our attention was taken by watching the news and learning about things we had never considered before. I went to DC and NYC 6 months later, and it was pretty eye opening to see Ground Zero and see the Pentagon damaged, etc...
  14. DisappearingMist

    Which Cracker Do You Prefer?

    Ritz and saltines are my favorite crackers by a long shot. I enjoy others, but those two are my go-to crackers.
  15. DisappearingMist

    How Important is Reading to You?

    Reading is one of my favorite hobbies...I don't have enough time for it and I have so many books that I want to read. Maybe someday I will have more time to read!
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