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  • I am currently watching it in between new Shippuden :). I am on like episode 75 or something. I love Sesshomaru and think Kouga is hilarious. Inuyasha gets so jealous, lol
    Thank you! I didn't see that message until just now.. d'oh! I wanted something cutesy for people to enjoy. :)
    do you have a 3ds? If you do, can you tell me your friend code, and Caleb's as well? Thanks!
    My pleasure! <3

    Ah, I see. Have you seen the starters so far? If so, which do you like the most? I personally really like Chespin, he's such a cute Pokémon! :P
    Hi Michelle! ^^ I just wanted to say that I really enjoy going through your deviantART gallery. Your photography is absolutely stunning, and I'm very impressed with your skills. I think you capture the true beauty of Alaska. :)

    (I would've totally posted this on your dA page, but my comp was running so slow...)

    Oh also, correct me if I'm wrong, but I remember that you said that you were a fan of the Pokémon series. If so, are you excited about Pokémon X & Y?
    Ah...I was just wondering. He hasn't been on here on the forums since like last October, and Mases did the SS Video Walkthrough when I expected him to do it since he usually does the 3D games.
    Hi...I was just wondering, what happened to Caleb? Why doesn't he really do anything here anymore?
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