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Din Akera
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  • It has been great! im cathching up on ztalk as we speak as well as working on my submission series!!!
    If you don't mind, I sent you a request as a contact for Skype with my new account and iff you can add me to the Ztalk chats, that would be great.
    Hey Din. I want to be a recurring contributor to Z-Talk. You and Rish are awesome. Thanks!
    Hey Din. I love your podcast. Here's a fun fact. About a year before the first Z-Talk was released, I thought of the idea to send to Mases to do a Zelda podcast. Weird, right? But your podcast is extremely cool. Keep up the good work.
    Sorry, Um well basically I'll be reviewing each of the TP bosses talking about what they may have been based off in and outside the series, what I think of them, what I think could have been done to make them better, and things like that. :)
    Hey there Din... Hey I was wondering, I was thinking about making a submission for Z-Talk, or more like a series of submissions on the bosses of Twilight Princess, would you be interested in having that? If not that's fine, was just wondering thanks.
    OMG!!! DIN!!!! I just want you to know that I love Z-Talk, it is what originally got me to be a recurring visitor on the site and that hardly a day goes by that I don't listen to a podcast. Thank you very much and to Rish too! :D
    Happy Birthday!
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