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  1. Dimooshky

    World Cup Prediction Game

    I keep forgetting.... :/ Argentina 4-0 Iran Germany 3-0 Ghana Nigeria 0-2 Bosnia and Herzegovina I wouldn't have won many points for yesterday though, France actually look to have a good chance now.
  2. Dimooshky

    World Cup Prediction Game

    Sorry for missing yesterday :( Colombia 2-1 Ivory Coast Uruguay 1-1 England - Can't see us winning here, but Uruguay don't look great either. Japan 1-0 Greece
  3. Dimooshky

    World Cup Prediction Game

    Belgium 2-0 Algeria Brazil 2-1 Mexico Russia 2-1 South Korea <---- Really tough call, could go either way.
  4. Dimooshky

    Favourite Animal?

    THE KRAKEN ...(release it)... ... I like turtles
  5. Dimooshky

    World Cup Prediction Game

    Iran 0-1 Nigeria Germany 2-1 Portugal Ghana 1-1 USA Still haven't had a draw yet, and even though Ghana beat the USA in 2010, I reckon there will be a stalemate this time.
  6. Dimooshky

    World Cup Prediction Game

    Switzerland 2-2 Ecuador France 2-0 Honduras Argentina 2-1 Bosnia-Herzegovina <-- I think Bosnia will actually give the much favoured Argentinians a really good game, they have a great attack in Dzeko and Ibisevic. Both teams have really poor defences also.
  7. Dimooshky

    Call Me Nostalgic, but I'm Not Extremely Enthusiastic

    I don't blame you for disliking modern/more steampunky influences into Zelda, it's a medieval setting fantasy adventure. But personally I love it, I adore steampunk, and I love the Beamos-on-legs vs a mechanical looking bow, I would actually like to see a more industrial Hyrule - not too much to...
  8. Dimooshky

    My Theories - Regarding Timeline Placement and the Protag's Identity

    Soo many different interpretations of the very little footage we have seen can arise. It's impossible to determine anything at this point, and though I agree it's fun to speculate, there's not nearly enough to go on at the moment.
  9. Dimooshky

    Not Link in Zelda Wii U? "No One Explicitly Said That That Was Link"

    Aonuma is such a cheeky troll, I bet he loves watching all these theories pop up :)
  10. Dimooshky

    Nintendo E3 2014 Digital Event and Treehouse LiveStream

    The amiibo thing is just........meh.... If they do a Reggie amiibo so I can have my own small personal Reggie then YES. Otherwise I agree with what has been said already. Huge let-down on the lack of Zelda shown after all that anticipation. But they sold me on Hyrule Warriors just for Midna...
  11. Dimooshky

    Zelda Wii U - First Look

    ALL OF MY YES But yeah Link does look a little girly, not a huge problem but hey. Also I would have preferred a more tech-demo look but it still looks amazing. And the steampunk touches = WANT (Proceeds to die after realising how much money Wii Us are........ :( )
  12. Dimooshky

    What is Your Current Music Obsession?

    Shoegaze, particularly bands like My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Alcest and Dreamend. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5tfnHiiVbLQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jkM3M3zGcGE
  13. Dimooshky

    General Zelda Should Castle Town Be Made More of a Focal Point?

    Yes yes yes, definitely. Cross the population and hubbub of people from Twilight Princess with the interactivity of Clock Town. Loads of people with whom you can speak/listen to, and loads of sidequests from these dialogues, not just loads of people who only notice you if you're a wolf.
  14. Dimooshky

    What's Your Favorite (Non-Zelda) Game of All Time?

    Probably Portal (2) or Half Life (2), but it's hard, I loves all the Pokémons and Chrono Trigger just as much :)
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