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  • Yeah I have..., depending on what system you get the game the changes how good it is. The wii and ps2 are the worst... I played the ps2 one and it was almost unplayable. So, so many bugs and glitches it wasn't funny. If I didn't go to the right place in the right timing the right trigger wouldn't activate... There was only two types real enemies in the whole thing to fight against other then that I spent the whole time wandering around trying to figure out what I needed to do to progress. (There was no free roaming too...) Yeah that car thing... uggpleh I made Axle get past that for me (there was two parts it was so broken, it took him hours...) >:D Oddly enough I made sure I beat it too. T_T Some day I either need to get a ps3 or 360 and play the real game.

    Haha that sounds like you guys had a blast! XD

    The 360 was much more complete and I bet waaaay more fun.
    Oh, lol. Okay then. GetBackers. xP

    Interesting. Sounds like... I think its name is Hikaru no Go? I don't really know. :lol:
    Well I guess I don't have anything that proves it's false, so I dunno. Be interesting to look up. o_0 *looks it up* No, he did't work on FMA. He was the assistant of the guy who did GetBackers though.

    Oh yeah? Sorry to hear that, but I'm glad things are good now. :) Mases coaches little league, I believe.
    Brotherhood is really good, but yeah, totally different. The original series branched off into a completely made-up storyline. Brotherhood actually follows the original manga's storyline. The creation of homunculi and stuff surrounding The Gate, etc., are very different. No, I haven't seen Soul Eater, but I have some passing interest in it. I don't think the manga author of FMA did it, but maybe the animation studio did?

    Jenova... <3

    Sorry to hear about the weather. :(
    Yeah sure, info sounds good!

    Oblivion sounds great, love to hear all the improvements!
    Okay, thanks I will. So far my computer has been working a lot better and faster with out Norton I am so happy <3
    Cool, the original is still a glorious series. I think Brotherhood's better overall but that's saying a lot considering how good the orginal is. I'd recommend Conqueror of Shambala first purely because it's a direct followup to the original series. But it doesn't matter since Brotherhood is a totally unrelated restart of the story.

    Yeah. I like FF7 for various reasons, but it's not that strategic. Actually, the best strategy is probably with the character building, because I thought the Materia system was pretty cool. To be honest my favorite part of Final Fantasy 7 was the villain: Jenova. She was glorious. :lol:
    My techie brother is trying out Avira AntiVir ona lappy not sure what his opinion is on it yet. I'll tell him you recommend McAfee though :D Thankies.

    Awesomes I've seen a little of Portal 2 in action and buy did it look good! :D Not good to hear that the 3DS hurt your eyes... mine are very sensitive to light and flashing, if it hurt you there is a good chance it would do the same to mine or worse T_T
    Well, in those kinds of RPGs you can still pause the game if you need to think, but I've tended to notice that even aside from the ATB system things are just generally less strategic than they could be. Anyway, for the record, only FF7, 8 and 9 use the ATB system that I know of. Most of the old Final Fantasy titles are turn-based (although I've yet to play them), and so is 10. I liked 10 a fair amount, actually. I played it recently. And same. The best RPGs are the purely strategic tactical ones. There's got to be a reason they've deprived me of direct control of my character; careful strategy needs to be mandatory. Tactics Advance was pretty good, but it was pretty easy IMO. The original Final Fantasy Tactics on the PS1 (remade on the PSP as FFT: The Lions War) is the best to me. You should check it out if you haven't already.

    Oh, is this the new series, Brotherhood? There's two Fullmetal Alchemist animes. There's the original, just "Fullmetal Alchemist" that came out during the manga's run, and it has its own completely different story. "Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood" follows the manga's storyline almost exactly, and it's a lot better (although I still love the original series).
    Augh, I'm surry. >.< I'll respond more. :(

    Glad you found your game. I don't generally play a ton of RPGs so I'm not familiar with Dragon Quest, but I should try it out sometime. And that's a hilarious tweet. :xd: And I think I know what you mean. I hate the Final Fantasy "Active Time Battle" system. It's a weird, half***ed action element to a genre that I think should have either a lot more action (like Kingdom Hearts) or a lot less and be purely strategic (like turn-based RPGs or tactical ones).
    Haven't you watched Batman Begins? Or even The Dark Knight? I believe that he is seen in both. [noparse]:P[/noparse] And I can't wait for Arkham City either.
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