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Deku man
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  • Aw, I liked MM. :xd:

    Most annoying game, eh? I guess I'll pick this Rumble Robots game I briefly played on the Gameboy Advance. It sucked so bad.

    That video is hilarious and awesome, Deku man. :xd:
    Yay i made a new avatar and profile picture that i found randomly. Bomber man is awesome and so are big bunnies with arms
    Well, whatever. I don't care how it goes down. Just as long as I get to perform one on someone I'll be happy. Until then, stay preserved. Just in case.

    ...yeah, that was creepy. >_<

    I'm really not as much of a psycho as I make it seem. Really. :xd:
    Deku Man you are so awesome. Oh wait i am deku man. Well i guess that makes me awesome then.YAY I AM AWESOME
    Hey, welcome to the Zelda Dungeon Forums! Be sure to read the rules! ^^

    By the way, I enjoyed talking to you on the shoutbox. I am disappointed I didn't get to perform an autopsy on anyone, though. Maybe next time... > : D
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